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Is whiskey drink with soda-water best or not?


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Adding water, soda water or ice to whisky in only a method to spoil a good whisky.

The answer is: drink whisky simple.

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Yes, it makes a refreshing drink.

They like it and it has a long history. Washington was suppose to have had the best whiskey in the colonies. He had a distillery at Mt. Vernon.

Whiskey is a homogeneous drink.

i suppose not if you cannot drink whiskey, and very frustrating as this is my favourite drink,

There are a number of ways to enjoy whiskey. The most popular ways to drink it are straight with ice, or with Cola and ice. Another great way to drink whiskey is with lime and a spoonful of honey.

A glass works best but a cup will do in time of need.

People drink whiskey "on the rocks" (meaning with ice), straight, or in mixed drinks.

Depends on what you have a taste. I drink most liquor strait... brandy tastes better strait than whiskey and usually has a higher AC.

Some people do, but certainly not everyone. People who like whiskey would drink it, but many Irish people don't drink whiskey at all.

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A person with diabetes can eat and drink anything they want. They can also drink whiskey but as with everything, it needs to be done in moderation.

I work in the old Bushmill's Distilery and the best way to drink whiskey is to add some boiling water to the whiskey, some cloves, and sugar to taste. It heats your body on a cold day

as far as health is concerned, which is better ,brandy or whiskey

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They exist. A whiskey judge, a whiskey reviewer, and a sommelier would all drink whiskey as part of their job.

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Johny Walker is the brand of whiskey. He generally likes to drink it. Many others drink it as well.

Because we drank all the chugging whiskey already

Answer. NO they do not all they drink is water!

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