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Wifes is not a plural. The correct plural form of wife is wives.

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What is the plural of wifes?

The plural form of the noun wife is wives.

What does plural marriage consist in?

a man with 10 wifes

What is the correct grammar wifes or wife?

1 = wife plural = wives

How many wifes did Einstein have?

24 wifes

How many wifes did Frankie lymon have?

3 wifes

How many wifes did Blackbeard have?

blackbeard had 14 wifes

How many wifes Henry 8th have?

He had 6 wifes :)

Who many wifes did King Tutankhamun have?

he had more then 20 wifes

Did shoshone have one wife or many wifes?

14 wifes

What is Steve Carell's wifes name?

His wifes name is Nancy Carell.

How many wifes did Bob Marley have?

bob marley had 5 wifes

What is Eric dovers wifes name?

what is eric dovers wifes name?

What initiated the wifes exile in the wifes lament?

a plot by her husbands kinsmen.

How many wifes did William Dawes have?

William Dawes had two wifes.

What was Alexander Hamiltons wifes name?

His wifes name was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

How many wifes did Thutmose have?

thutmose had 2 wifes, and they were his daughters, right friend?

Why did sitting bull have so many wifes?

it is the Indian way to have many wifes

What is Harry Redknapp's wifes name?

Harry Redknapp's wifes name is Sandra.

What is John Travolta wifes name?

Kelly Preston is John Travolta's wifes name.

What was Elvis's wifes name?

Elvis Presley's ex-wifes name was Priscilla Beaulieu.

What is Winston churchill's wifes name?

Winston Churchill's wifes name was Clementine Hozier.

What was John F. Kennedy the peresidents wifes name?

he had 56 wifes in 1 year

What is t-pains wifes name?

His wifes name is Amber Najm since 2003.

What was George pickets wifes name?

George E. pickets wifes name was Sally Harrison

What is Morris gleitzman wifes name?

Mary-Anne Fahey is Morris Gleitzmans wifes name.

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