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Is wrestling real or just an entertainment?

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It's all scripted. I still wouldn't call it fake. The pain is real, and it takes a lot to be a wrestler.

Wrestling is as fake as everything else you can watch on TV. For instance a movie. A movie is (usually) not a true story; it's made up, but you still watch it, don't you?

Wrestling is an entertainment, in fact the best entertainment ever made, but that doesn't mean you should call it fake.

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Is the wrestling for real or just for entertainmetn?

It is both! The storyline is entertainment the wrestling part is real

Is WWE is real or acting?

WWE(world wrestling entertainment) is just acting not real.

Is wrestling a sport or a form of entertainment?

if it is wwe then it is a form of entertainment, but if it is real wrestling then it is a sport

In what year did the World Wide Wrestling Entertainment begain?

1st of all, its not "World Wide Wrestling Entertainment" Its Just World Wrestling Entertainment.

Is Jerry Springer's show real?

No its not real! look at them fight its sooo obvious its fake its just for entertainment just like wrestling a show =)

Is a Nelson hold legal in real professional wrestling?

I'm confused by what you mean when you say "real professional wrestling". Professional wrestling is not real wrestling, it is entertainment. If you mean real, collegiate wrestling, then yes. It is.

Is WWE fake wrestling?

its real and yes its entertainment but i get that

Wwe real name?

World Wrestling Entertainment

Is wrestling real yes no?

Not really. It is supposed to be entertainment.

Is world wrestling entertainment real yes are no?

yes and no

Are WWE people real?

yes World Wrestling Entertainment superstars are real

Was Triple H's arm really broken?

His arm is broken in storyline only. No, HHH's arm is not broken in real life. World Wrestling Entertainment is just that, "entertainment".

Is WWE a type of a movie or the performance are actually real?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, note the word entertainment. No the wrestling is not realy although they do quite a good job performing it WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, note the word entertainment. No the wrestling is not realy although they do quite a good job performing it

Why can't the wrestling federations conduct a real wrestling match at Wrestlemania or even every week?

It is real, but it is choreographed and scripted but everthing is done real, its called sports entertainment for a reason. People probablu find it way more entertaining than a real wrestling match. Yeah, sport's entertainment is complete different from high school / college wrestling. It would bore WWE fans to death to watch a "real" wrestling match.

Who is the inventor of World Wrestling Entertainment?

There is no real inventor of World Wrestling Entertainment - but the key figure was Vince McMahon - who created the WWE, not the WWF nor AWA or other past Wrestling Promotions throughout America.

Is World Wrestling Entertainment Inc real?

Yes it is very serious buisness.

What is the purpose of wrestling?

The Meaning Of wwe (World Wrestling Entertainment) Is Entertainment

You will like to know whether wrestling is real or just an entertainment?

WWE is entertainment however, the stunts they perform are real and very threatening to injuries etc. Wrestling however in general is real and faily dangerous hope that helps also your "question" is a statement. xo Forevercharmed P.S for more information or latest news on the WWE check out my site

Is WWE wrestling real?

Most of the time it is not real and only for entertainment purposes, some of the wrestling matches are real though. Sorry but no wrestling is not fake it is scripted which is two different things. The wrestling moves are very real and very painful have you even been in the ring didn't think so. I have.

Is wrestling is fake?

WWE wrestling is fake. It;s just for entertainment. but normal wrestlng is a contact sport.

What does 'WWE' stand for?

In Entertainment, Like Wrestling, it stands for World Wrestling Entertainment

What is Smackdown vs Raw 2010 about?

All the games in the Smackdown vs Raw series are about wrestling, and they're based on WWE World Wrestling Entertainment in real life. All the characters are real characters from real life.

Is TNA real or fake?

Well obviously all wrestling companies are fake. People like it for the entertainment.

Is WWE and tna real?

World Wrestling Entertainment and Total non-stop action are both fake.

Are punches real in wrestling?

No punches in wrestling are not real the person receiving the hits just pretends they are full force hits