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Is yeast infections normal if you are pregnant?

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Not normal but not rare.

Seek treatment.

Yes they definitely are. You should tell your doctor and they may be able to treat it.

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Can you get pregnant if you have frequent yeast infections?

Frequent yeast infections are no protection against getting pregnant.

If you have a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

yeast infections have nothing to do with being or getting pregnant

If you have yeast infection it is possible to become pregnant?

Yes, but yeast infections can be dangerous whilst pregnant

You are pregnant and your yeast infection wont go away?

Go to a doctor and get prescription medication. Yeast infections can be extremely dangerous if you're pregnant.

Does biaxin cause yeast infections?

Biaxin, as well as other antibiotics, can cause yeast infections. This occurs when the antibiotic eliminates the "normal" or good bacteria.

When you are pregnant can you get a yeast infection?

Yes, and it can cause life-threatening systemic infections if you are pregnant. Get it checked by a doctor.

Can you be pregnant and be on your period and have a yeast infection?

You cant be pregnant if your having a normal period. But you can have a yeast infection during a period.

A few days after ovulation you got a yeast infection could you be pregnant?

You could be. But the yeast infection would not be a result of being pregnant. Yeast infections after ovulation could be a result of high estrogen levels.

What causes vaginal irritation during ovulation?

Most likely a yeast infection.Lots of women get yeast infections during pregnancy.Ask a doctor before self medicating.You are pregnant, so get this checked out. Most likely a yeast infection.Lots of women get yeast infections during pregnancy.Ask a doctor before self medicating.You are pregnant so get this checked out.

When douching while pregnant can it harm the baby?

Douching while pregnant cannot harm the baby directly, however douching can sometimes lead to yeast infections. Yeast infections also do not harm the baby directly, however they can get thrush (yeast infection in their mouth) if you give birth while infected.

Where do you get yeast infections?

You can get yeast infections in any part of your body. Most commonly in women yeast infections occur in the vagina and vulva.

Do transsexuals get yeast infections?

They can. Both men and women get yeast infections.

Could you get pregnant if you have fungus?

Yes, pregnant women are susceptible to yeast infections caused by hormonal changes. And yes you can still get pregnant while you have an infection.

What are some of the chronic yeast infections?

Candida which is a genital yeast infection that can effect both men and women, more so in women and especially those who are diabetic and/or pregnant. These can be treated with simple things like Live Yoghurt. There are intestinal yeast infections too, but some of these yeast infections can actually protect bodies from things like Mercury poisoning.

Do men get yeast infections?

Yes men do get yeast infections. It is called thrush.

Does herpes cause yeast infections?

Herpes don't cause yeast infections.

If I've had bladder infections and currently have a yeast infection is it possible that this caused a missed period?

nope...your pregnant...

Is foul smell during pregnancy a problem?

Have it checked by a doctor but yeast infections are quite common when pregnant.

What STDs cause yeast infections?

STD's don't cause yeast infections, fungus does.

Can a yeast infection turn into anything else after a couple of years?

Vaginal yeast infections are caused by fungal organisms that are part of the normal flora of the vagina. When the yeast overgrows, a woman can have symptoms. These are unconfortable, but yeast in the vagina is normal and does not lead to other diseases of the reproductive tract.

Can you get pregnant by using the toilet?

No. Sperm die when exposed to air, but you can get yeast infections and other things in a public toilet.

Do guys get yeast infections more than girls?

No because guys dont get yeast infections

Can beer drinking cause yeast infections?

Unpasteurized beer can cause yeast infections that can be deadly.

Can you get yeast infections and STDs after a hysterectomy?

You can get STDs or yeast infections after hysterectomy. Yeast is slightly less common after menopause, whether surgical or natural.

Can condoms cause yeast infections?

No.. Yeast Infections are Generally caused by Other problems such as Sweat... But not Condoms..