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Probably not, but yellow semen can be caused from urine still in the urethra being flushed out when you ejaculate.

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Q: Is yellow-colored semen normal for a 14-year-old boy?
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Is it normal for a 14 year old boy to consume his own sperm?

No! No! who would find that normal? Well, it not might not be considered normal, but it's not abnormal, I don't think. There's nothing unhealthy about consuming one's own semen.

If a boy semen is in you but you dont get pregnant right away can his semen still be in side of you developing?

No, semen by and of itself doesn't "develop" in to anything else.

Is it ok for sperm to fly out of the penis?

It is perfectly normal. Many guys semen and sperm is ejected by flying out of their penis hole. It happens when a boy has been masturbating a lot and holding the semen back from being ejaculated. After the tingle finally arrives, the sperm will just be ejected and the boy can have fun to watch his sperm fly!

Can a 13 yr old boy produce sperm?

Absolutely. A boy who is a preteen can also produce sperm. Once the boy begins Puberty he will start to produce semen. As he grows he will begin to ejaculate sperm in his semen.

What is boy sperm called?

Boys sperm is called semen. :)

Does drinking sperms good for a boy?

While a boy drinking his own semen is not dangerous, it is not particularly beneficial either. But a boy drinking someone else's semen could expose him to the risk of contracting an infection if the donator of the sperm was infected.

At what age can a boy produce semen?

Once he has hit puberty he will begin producing semen and eventually sperm. Puberty can begin anywhere between 10 and 16 years old in a boy, sometimes outside this bracket. The semen and sperm will be ejaculated from the penis on climax of sexual stimulation.

Can a 13-year-old boy produce semen on ejaculation?

Yes, once he has entered puberty he will begin producing semen.

Is normal a noun?

No, normal is an adjective, a word that describes a noun.Example: Bob is a normal boy. The word normal describes boy.

My husband is on blood thinning meds which is causing his semen to have blood and we have been trying to get pregnant.Is it possible to get pregnant with bloody sperm and still have a normal child?

It would almost be normal. Because of the pituitary gland, if its a boy, he would always ejaculate bloody sperm.

Why when you are sleep your sprem remove?

What is coming out of semen during sleep called?When semen, the liquid which contains sperms, comes out during sleep it is called nocturnal emission or wet dream. (Less commonly liquid released in woman's vagina during sleep is also called with the same name.) It is also called as spontaneous orgasm.Is it normal or abnormal?It is normal.Why semen comes out during sleep?In a boy with the onset of puberty testis makes testosterone and sperms. The sperms mix with fluid mainly from seminal vesicles and this fluid is called as semen. This is the viscous liquid that spurts out during ejaculation. The boy/man experiences intense pleasure called climax or orgasm. After that is a feeling of 'over', 'done'. It is a state of relaxation commonly misunderstood as 'weakness'.There are only 3 methodsby which semen (liquid which contains sperms) comes out of the male penis.[1]Masturbation is a method where the penis is self massaged in the palm of the hand or on bed until the pleasure peaks in to orgasm with discharge of semen (ejaculation).[2]Sexual intercourse is another method where when the boy/man is playing with another person (girl/woman) and the intense excitement leads to ejaculation.[3]Nocturnal emission/nocturnal discharge/Wet Dream happens when the boy/man does not [1] masturbate and also [2] does not have sexual intercourse.Why is release of semen normal?3 most common myths about wet dreamsSemen is made by the body to be released out of the body the way urine and stools are released. If the boy does not have sex, does not masturbate thanThe only way for the body to release the manufactured semen is to release it when the boy/man is asleep.Know that semen is made in abundance in male throughout life (after puberty). So it is not a matter of exhausting the supply.Semen does not contain 'energy' or 'life force'; hence release of semen does not ever cause any harmful effect on the body.Hence, nocturnal emission is not harmful.

Can a virgin get pregnant if she comes as never been with a boy?

no not as long as no semen has entered her

Does sperm come out when a boy jack his balls?

When a boy masturbates, depending on his age and how far into Puberty he is, it can result in releasing semen.

Does black boy sperm taste better then white boys?

There is no difference between sperm/semen of white boy and black boy just as there is no difference in their blood.

If you wanked a boy off and you get semen on your hand then you fingered your self can you get prehnutn?

Yes, you CAN get pregnant!

Can you get pregnant if a boy is wearing underwear and your not?

If his sperm/semen comes in to contact with your vagina, you can get pregnant.

Normal for boy to hang out with girls?

yes it is normal

What would cause a dog to have milky white urine?

it could be sick, or if its a boy it might be semen

Normal for a boy to like other boy?

Yes, it is because i do to

How old is a boy when he has sperm?

Male puberty starts sometime at age 12 or later, depending on the exact boy. That is when sperm and semen production begins.

What is the normal calorie intake for a 10 year old boy?

what is the normal calorie intake for a 10 yr old boy

Could a girl get pregnant if a boy stuck his penis in her to get it hard even though he wasn't even close to ejaculation?

Yes. People often speak about pre-cum - this is semen that leaks out of the penis before he ejaculates. This semen contains the same percentage of sperm in it. It is possible that the boy leaked some semen into your vagina and that this small amount could make it to your uterus and impregnant you.

Is it normal for a boy to suck his dads cock?

Incest is not normal, or legal.

An 8yr old boy weighing 53lbs is that normal?

no no that's not normal

Is it normal for a teenage boy to have more female friends?

completely normal.