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Yes. color is a physical property.

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Q: Is yellow gold in appearance an example of physical property?
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What is gold's physical appearance?

Yellow metal.

Physical appearance of yellow fever?

Yellow skin, yellow and bloodshot eyes, black vomit, mosquito bites.

Is a yellow solid physical or chemical property of sulfur?


Is yellow solid physical or chemical property?

physical (because you can observe it without inducing a chemical reaction).

Physical appearance of unheated sulfur the odor?

At room temperature pure sulfur is yellow and hasn't odor.

How can tobacco abuse effect your physical appearance?

Makes you UGLY. (yellow teeth, yellow nails, hair loss, yellow tongue, yellow eyes, acne, wrinkles, aging, the list goes on.)

Sulfur has a bright yellow color is this physical or cheimical property?

Its colour, its melting point, its boiling point, whether it is magnetic or not, whether it is an electrical conductor or not and its atomic mass are all physical properties.

What is an physical appearance of an coral snake?

A Coral snake - a highly venomous species - has hoops of red, yellow and black arranged along the length of it body in the order red-yellow-black-yellow.

What are some physical properties for a banana?

A banana is yellow with a peel. It is in the shape of a smiley face. (A physical property is a description of how an object look, feels)

What is a wolf's physical appearance?

Gray with black and brown fur on it's back. Yellow eyes. Up to 7 feet long.

What is the physical property of a banana?

both ;)betacarrotenes in banana refracting light and the color goes to yellowtechnically it is a genetic property. So biological property. Physical and chemical properties are not usually applied to biological organisms.

What is the appearance of gold?