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it is as cold as Antarctica outside

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Q: Is you were freezing to death a hyperbole?
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What does this expression mean they let loose the dogs of vandalism and death?


Is you are bored to death a hyperbole?

Yes,it is a Hyperbole because it is an exaggeration-one cannot really be bored to death.Bored to death actually means to be extremely bored.

Is Bear in mind That death is a drum a simile metaphor hyperbole or personification?

It is a metaphor because it's comparing bear and death without using "like" or "as".

Can you use freezing in a sentence?

Yes, for example: you are freezing to death, it is freezing out here.

Is hyperbole a figure of speech true or false?

yes, a hyperbole is exaggeration which is in its own form a figure of speech. For example I'm bored to death.

Where is a hyperbole in the last Olympian?

Doors of Death The Prophecy Rachel recited

Did slade die?

freezing to death i think??

How did Slade die?

freezing to death i think??

Freezing point in Everest?

The freezing point is the same no matter where you go. Does not matter if it is Everest or Death Valley-freezing is at 32 degrees.

How do wolverines avoid freezing to death?

They have very thick fur unlike other wolves that do not have a cold surrounding. So by this fur, they avoid freezing to death.

Hyperbole and 10 examples?

I told you a thousand times. I'm freezing to death It's as hot as the sun. You talk a mile a minute You're grumpy as a bear. Im losing my mind. This test is driving me crazy. This is taking a thousand years. You have such a thick skull. I said it a million times.

What are hyperboles in the watsons go to Birmingham?

pg.2 chspter 1. Froze to death hyperbole