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For the most part yes. The only part of the axial skeleton it is in contact with is the sacrum and coccyx. But is it also attached to the iliac crest which is appendicular and its main action is extension and lateral rotation of the thigh.


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The gluteus maximus is not a system. It is a muscle. It is part of the muscular system. It is the most prominent muscle of your buttocks.

No, the inguinal is part of the appendicular region, it is part of the axial region.

The gluteus maximus extends the at hip at thigh (as in walking or climbing stairs). It inserts on the femur (the insertion).

A person's buttocks (bottom; rear-end) contains the gluteus maximus muscle and the largest single muscle.The teacher tersely told the student to sit on his gluteus maximus and be quiet!

posteior part of the hip joint

Gastrointestinal system, gallbladder, gluteus maximus

no the axillary is part of the appendicular region.

57 including their gluteus maximus. the gluteus maximus has the same mass as 5 humans combined its is broken into 3 parts and usually is the part to get sold in Italy for meat.

The gluteal muscles are the three muscles that make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle and gluteus minimus muscle.

The combination of the three muscles Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteis Minimus are called the Buttocks (I guess this is the common name but its often used a technical term). Oddle these muscles are are the posterior part of the Pelvis and act to Extend the Thigh (pull it back) and Abduct it (pull it out to the side). The Outermose of the three is also the larges, glutes maximus, the innermost is the smallest, gluteus minimus and in the muddle is gluteus medius.

The sural part of the appendicular skeleton would be referring to the sural region. This is located on the calf, not the shin, but the calf. The calf is part of the leg, and the leg is part of the appendicular skeleton.

Many men feel the gluteus maximus or buttocks would be the sexiest body part.

Gluteus Maximus Gall bladder Gland Gums Gullet Gut

You sit on your gluteus maximus. It is the part of your lower back sometimes referred to as your buttocks or posterior.

No its not, it is part of the appendicular skeletonNo, it is part of the appendicular skeleton

They are both. upper part, such as collar bone is in appendicular skeleton, and lower part, such as fibula is in appendicular system.

yes the clavicles are considered part of the appendicular skeleton

Both arms and legs are part of the appendicular skeleton.

Yes, the pelvis is part of the appendicular skeleton.

The humerus, or upper arm bone, is part of an appendage (the arm), so is part of the appendicular skeleton.

The medical terms:ButtocksMaximus Gluteus (large muscles of buttocks)Gluteus Medius (smaller muscles of buttocks)Anus (opening)Rectum (lowest part of intestine leading to anus)Gluteal cleft, natal cleft, vertical gluteal crease (for the "crack" between the buttocks)Related term:The tailbone, which is the bone extending into the buttocks region, is called the coccyx.

In lamens terms ones that work together to move a single part of your body for example: biceps triceps, quadriceps hamstrings and abdominals gluteus maximus.

PCH Answer: The Buttocks Gluteus maximus is the largest and most superficial muscle in the buttock. It is attached to the Ilium bone( part of the pelvis), the Sacrum, the side of the Coccyx via the Sacrotuberus ligament and apponueroses ( the Gluteal apponeurosis and the Erector spinae). The muscle fibres pass down at an angle and attach to the Iliotibial tract of the Fascia Lata, the deep fibres of the muscle attach to the Gluteal tuberosity of the Femur.

The appendicular skeleton is composed of 126 bones of the limbs and the pectoral.

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