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== NO she is not related to you. == No, she is not your cousin at all even though she's your husband's cousin. You are not blood relatives. If you like her you could put her down for a personal reference for a job, but other than that you don't have to mention her at all for a job.

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What relationship is your husbands third cousin to you?

Your husband's third cousin is just considered your third cousin through marriage.

What relation am I to my husbands cousin's sister?

Your husband's cousin's sister is also your husband's cousin. You are not related to your husband's cousin.

What is the domestic cousin of the tiger?

The common house cat is considered to the domestic cousin of the tiger. Cats are also considered to be the cousin of lions as well.

What do you call your husbands cousins cousins in law?

I think that you call them your cousin in law because its pretty much the same concept as a sister in law... its your husbands cousin so it would be a cousin in law

Why did you have an affair with your husbands cousin?

Only you hold the key to why you had an affair with your husband's cousin. It's called cheating for one.

Can you marry you ex husbands cousin?

Yeah, but it would be a little weird

What relation is your husband's grandfather's brother's daughter?

Your parent would be a first cousin. She would be your husbands first cousin once removed.

What is my relationship with my mother cousin?

He/She would be considered your second cousin.

What is a persons sisters husbands cousin?

that would be the persons brother-in laws-cousin which would be too frickin far to have any sort of real name!!!!!!

Is a cousin-in-law considered family legally?

no a cousin-in-law is not considered family in any legal purpose

Is a first cousin a relative?

A first cousin is definitely considered to be a relative.

What is a brother's cousin to you?

Your brother's cousin is also your cousin.

What is your husbands first cousin to your child?

The two are out of synch from the common ancestor by one generation. They would be first cousins once removed.

Is your cousins son your cousin?

Yes, for example if a first cousin of yours had a child it would be considered your second cousin.

What do you call your husband cousin?

You would call your husband's cousin by name or "my husband's cousin." In the English language and culture, the cousin of your spouse is not considered to be related to you.

Is your mother's cousin considered your aunt?

No, your mother's first cousin is your first cousin once removed. Her second cousin is your second cousin once removed. Your mother's sister is your aunt.

What is he if i am his second cousin?

He is your second cousin also

What relation to you is your deceased husbands 1st cousin?

Your husband's first cousin never was related to you. You might have called that person "my husband's first cousin." If you continue a relationship with that person after your husband's death, there is nothing preventing you from continuing to use that phrase.

Is your cousin's husband also your cousin?

It would be acceptable to call your husband's cousin a cousin, however the term "cousin-in-law" is also acceptable and less ambiguous.

What is the relation named with the son of your cousin brother?

Well, your cousin's brother is also your cousin, and a cousin's son is also your cousin.

How do you have a cousin that's also your nephew?

One way a cousin could also be your nephew is if your sibling married a cousin and had a son. As the son of your sibling, he is your nephew. As the son of your cousin, he is your cousin, once removed.

If your cousin has a cousin would you be cousin's with that cousin?

Your cousin certainly has cousins to whom you are related. But your cousin can also have cousins to whom you are notrelated.

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