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You only loose each tooth once before you get the teeth you will have to take care of for the rest of your life.

In the ages between 16 and 25, wisdom teeths usually 'comes out' in the absolute back of your jawline.

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Q: Is your molars meant to come out?
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Are molars meant to fall out?

The 12 year old molars will come out. The next one is meant to be permanent.

Do molars come out?

yes ofcourse because all teeth fall so you have sttrong teeth so molars do come out

Do baby back teeth come out?

Yes, they will be replaced by adult molars, and then later you will get your "wisdom teeth", the last molars that come in.

Do molars cause fever when they come in?


Are you supposed to lose your molars as a kid?

Yes. You have baby molars that will come out to make room for your back teeth.

At what age does baby molars fall out?

About your preteen age. You have twelve molars in total. The one near your canine and after that molar can fall out. Adult molars come out eventually.

Are your first set of molars supposed to come out?

yes they are

Are you supposed to loose molars if your a kid?

yes. molars are hard to come out. If you are a teenager,then you should not worry about your molars coming out. If you are a small kid, you may have a loose molar because of a cavity.

Are molars still growing in teeth at age 12?

12 years old is the average age for adult molars to come in.

Do childrens molars fall out?

If they are the first ones to come in yes.

How do you get rid of the pain when 12 year molars come in?

ice...lots and lots of ice that's what i did when i got my molars and it works! -hope that helped

Are molars the big teeth at the back of the jaw named after millstones?

The molars are the big teeth at the back of the jaw. They are named after millstones and come from the Latin term.

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