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About all we can do is compare zinc to some other metals. Zinc isn't a terrible conductor, but it isn't the greatest, either. Perhaps it might be best to classify it a fair as regards electrical conductivity. Here is a list of just a few metals and their electrical conductivity as "just a number" to make comparison easy: Aluminum 59

Brass 28

Copper (annealed) 100

Gold 65

Lead 7

Mercury 1.66

Platinum 15

Silver 106

Tin 13

Titanium 5

Tungsten 28.9

Zinc 28.2 Zinc isn't great, but it isn't at the bottom of the list, either.

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Which is a better conductor wood or zinc?

Of course, zinc is a better conductor (thermal or electrical).

Is zinc a good conductor?

Yes, zinc is a fairly good conductor of electricity.

Is zinc an good or bad conductor of electricity?

zinc is a good conductor of electricity

Is magnesium a good electrical conductor?

No, magnesium is not a good electrical conductor.

Is zinc a good conductor of electricity?

Yes, it is a fairly good conductor of electricity.

Is phosphorus a good conductor?

Black phosphorus is a good electrical conductor.

Water is good conductor?

yes it is electrical conductor

Is zinc a conductor?

Yes zinc is a conductor! Although it is not a very good one because it has a low melting point hope this helps

Is zinc a poor conductor of heat?

Zinc is a good conductor of heat, having a thermal conductivity of approx. 116 W/m.K.

Is zinc a nonconductor?

No. Zinc, like all metals, is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Is it stainless steel good electrical conductor?

stainless steel is not a good conductor

Is nitrogen a good conductor of electricity?

Nitrogen is not a good electrical conductor.

Is copper a good conductor?

yes copper is a good conductor like zinc, in a wet cell battery it is good tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copper is a good electrical what?


Is it good electrical conductor of sodium?


Is oxygen a good electrical conductor?


Is Styrofoam a good electrical conductor?


What is the difference between a electrical good conductor and a electrical insulator?

The diffrerence between a good condutor and a bad conductor is that a good conductor it go through electricity but a insulator would not attract electricity .

Examples of metal which are good conductor of heat?

zinc, iron

Is the metal zinc a good conductor of heats and electricity?

Yes it is.

Is gold an electrical conductor?

Yes, gold is a very good conductor

Why a good electrical conductor can be a good thermal conductor?

The electrons in electrical conductors also absorb and carry heat, thus are good thermal conductors also.

What matrial is a good electrical conductor?

Silver is the best electrical conductor. Copper is second. Gold is third. Aluminum is a good conductor but not for house wiring. It is used for high tension wires.

Is water a good electrical conductor?


Is aluminum a good electrical conductor?


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