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Arsenic is paramagnetic because the electron configuration is {Ar}4s^2,3d^10,4p^3. Due to the unpaired electron at the end (4p^*3*) the atom in ground state is paramagnetic. **OR Arsenic would be paramagnetic since the 4 p orbitals each contain one electron with parallel spin. These three unpaired electrons give arsenic its paramagnetic property.

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Is iron diamagnetic in the ground state?

No, iron is ferromagnetic.

Where can the element arsenic be found?

in ground

Is arsenic naturally occurring in well water?

There is arsenic in most ground, it is a natural mineral.

When an isolated ground is required does this mean a separate ground uninterupted from the main service panel or can you take separate grounds to the outlets that require isolated grounds from a sub p?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service.An isolated ground return to the panel means that the wire used for the isolated ground must have insulation on it. This is so that the isolated ground does not touch any adjacent metallic parts of the electrical system until it is placed on the ground block in the distribution panel. On isolated ground receptacles this is accomplished by using a three wire feeder. Black and white wires used as normal receptacle connections. The red wire with a green identifier tape installed to the isolated ground terminal of the receptacle and the bare ground wire to the green frame screw of the isolated ground receptacle.

What is the complete ground state electron configuration for the arsenic atom?


What color is an isolated ground outlet?

They are orange in colour.

What does an isolated ground mean on a 12 volt alternator?

This might mean the ground is isolated from the case of the alternator. In a normal application, the case of the alternator is the ground connection and being bolted to the engine block via a metal bracket, the grounded case of the alternator is electrically connected to the ground lead of the battery which is also connected to the engine block. An isolated ground might indicate the alternator ground is electrically insulated from the alternator case.

Which event would most likely result in arsenic poisoning in the US today?

The most likely reason for arsenic poisoning today is from ground water that naturally contains high concentrations of arsenic. Chronic exposure to arsenic is related to vitamin A deficiency which is related to heart disease and night blindness.

How many unpaired electrons are there in a ground-state magnesium ion Mg2?

Magnesium has five unpaired electrons and is therefor paramagnetic

What is the color of wire used in an isolated ground system?

All ground wires are green or green yellow marker.

Can you hook a negative ground unit to a positive ground system?

Make sure thatit is isolated from other electrical components

Ground state electron configuration for arsenic?

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p3

What element has 5 electrons in the 4th energy level?

Arsenic, (As), in its ground state... and many other Ions, like Ga(-2)

Were to put a ground wire?

In an electrical panel the ground wires from circuits will be connected to the ground bus found on the back pan of the enclosure. This is the bus that is not isolated from the enclosure like the neutral bus is. In electrical junction boxes the ground wire is connected to the ground terminal screw.

How arsenic contamination of water can be prevented?

Arsenic contamination of water can be minimized if not totally prevented by banning boring of deep tube wells. With the ground water level receding alarmingly due to hapazard boring of deep tube wells for irrigation, for meeting the needs of urbanites, arsenic contamination is bound to occur. It can be minimized by encouraging harvesting of rain water by digging more ponds,canals in the rural area. In the urban area, supply of river water duly purified,will help conserve under ground water.

What is the Excited state electron configuration for arsenic?

I believe there are many excited states...and only one ground state. (wrong) 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d104p25s1. just take the last electron in the ground state and bump it up one level....

What is an isolated ground?

An isolated ground has all the devices connected together via an earth wire for safety, but the earth is not connected to the ground. An example is the earth system for the electrical supply in an aircraft. <<>> In North America on an isolated ground receptacle there are four terminals to be connected. These types of receptacles were used for computer power connections in business systems. The black and white wires were terminated like a normal receptacle. The bare ground wire in the cable set went to the ground terminal as normal and it grounded the receptacle's frame to the systems' ground bus. The fourth wire goes to a terminal that is connected to the isolated ground pin of the receptacle, which is isolated from the receptacles frame. The cable set used was a three wire and every receptacle was a dedicated circuit. This forth wire is then directly connected to the distribution's ground bus, with no other devices connected to it. These types of receptacles were introduced in the 70s and 80s when the building power system was considered "dirty" by an electrical engineer and there was a chance that small currents could flow in the ground system. This leakage current could interrupt or effect the computers if they were plugged into a normal receptacle. They were distinguished from ordinary receptacles as their colour was orange. Today with the improvements in computer technology and the use of uninterrupted power supplies ordinary receptacles are now back in use as a source to power ordinary desk top computers

Why laterite soil zone of India has no arsenic in ground water?

Many researcher have been studied that laterite is a good arsenic adsorbent (Maiti et al. 2007 of Separation Purification Technology, Maiti et al. 2008 of Industrial and engineering chemistry Research, Maji et al. 2007 of JHM etc. Thus laterite soil zones of the India and other countries are not effected by arsenic contaminated water due to its high affinity to adsorb arsenic species. Arun Malhotra

What has the author Richard T Wilkin written?

Richard T. Wilkin has written: 'Field application of a permeable reactive barrier for treatment of arsenic in ground water' -- subject(s): Water, Arsenic removal, Groundwater, Hazardous waste site remediation, Technological innovations, Membranes (Technology), Purification

Should the neutral of a three phase generator be grounded or not?

Dear engineers, I am in a fix to decide where should isolated neutral be preferred & where it is not recommended to ground the neutral. There is already a Gas turbine installed which is recommended to run on isolated neutral by manufacturer. but on the other hand, it is recommended to ground the neutral of steam turbine. what may be the logic behind it? Thanking in advance :)

Purify water from a natural source?

There are many natural contaminants out there. Here in Ohio we have issues with naturally occurring arsenic in ground water. The water may be fine, or it may not.

What is the significance of the term 'isolated gaseous atom' and 'ground state' while defining the ionization enthaly and electron gain enthalpy?

These two states are required for the comparison purposes. The atoms have the lowest energy states (i.e.the most stable) when in ground state. The isolated gaseous atom means that there is no interaction with other atoms.

What is an electrical isolated ground?

When devices are grounded in most electrical system the grounds are combined without order or separation. The same ground that connects the metal box, the yoke of the electrical device and other devices is the same ground that is used at each outlet. This rarely causes any sort of problem except for sensitive electronics such as hospital equipment, high end computers and high end musical equipment. In an isolated grounded receptacle the ground wire is insulated and comes directly from the panel to the ground connection of the receptacle. This type of grounding should produce less electrical noise on the system.

What is static electricity and how does it work?

This is just a charge that accumulates on something that is isolated from ground. Under some circumstances a charge may build up on your body and then you touch something that is grounded and you get a shock. This is the static electricity flowing to ground.

What is physical earth?

Physical Earth might refer to the planet Earth as a large isolated capacitance of 720 microfarads used to ground electrical systems.