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Q: It's same meaning environmental or functional incontinence?
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Do compounds of the same functional group have same physical properties?

Elements with same functional group have same chemical properties. They possess different physical properties.

What is an aldehydes and ketone?

They have the same functional group.

What do you mean by functional isomerism?

Functional isomerism is whereby a compoud as the same molecular formular but changes it functional group eg from alcohol to ether

What is a functional affix?

Functional affixes serve to convey grammatical meaning. They build different forms of one and the same word. A word form, or the form of a word, is defined as one of the different aspects a word may take as a result of inflection

What is chemoselective reaction?

the reaction of one functional group in the presence of another same or different functional group

Does all bladder weakness lead to incontinence?

Not really. Incontinence is a common problem, especially after a particular age. But you need not worry as there are solutions for this. They best way is to consult an urologist and start treatment for the same. Urinary incontinence is generally referred to as a term for weak bladder. These treatments are not that fast and takes time to cure. The other alternate way is to resort to incontinence products. You can explore the website to find products suited to your need. There are good brands which provide incontinence products in the market.

How can you compare the meaning of operation in mathematics to the meaning of operation a doctors performs?

Etymologically, they are the same activity. Both involve someone (the operator = mathematician or doctor) performing a procedue (operation: mathematical or medical) on something (operands: functional arguments or patients).

Is the meaning of 'danger' the same as the meaning of 'warning'?

They are the same.

Which functional groups are lactones formed?

Lactones can be formed from the reaction of a hydroxy group of a molecule with a carboxylic acid functional group on the same molecule.

What word has the same meaning as crooked?

Bent has the same meaning.

Why do members of the same homologous series show similar chemical properties?

Because they have the same functional group.

What is required to have a controlled experiment?

you must choose a environmental factor and test it, but keep other environmental factors same.

Human Region is an area that has same share natural or human features. example They speak the same languAge and the do the same work.?


What is the meaning of the similarity in word association?

Same word and same meaning

What do you call that word have the same meaning?

Words that have the same meaning are synonyms.

What is the same meaning of gives?

Bestows and gifts have the same meaning as gives.

Environmental quality is the same all over the world?


Which two groups have the same functional group?

ketones and aldehydes

Is a public health specialist the same as a environmental health specialist?

Although there is a great deal of common ground between Public Health and Environmental Health, the two area are different and a Public Health Specialist is not the same as an Environmental Health Specialist.

Differentiate earth science from environmental science?

they are both somewhat the same. environmental science just a form of earth science

What is type ecological Type you functional response?

Type I functional response - no matter how many prey individuals are around, the predator individuals take them at the same rate.

Do twins die around the same time?

Usually in the same year. There are environmental factors that can affect it.

Is simple tense the same meaning as present indefinite tense?

no it is not the same meaning

What word has he same meaning or almost the same meaning as twisted?

warped, distorted.

What are the four types of muscle contractions?

Isotonic (meaning same tension)Isometric (meaning same distance or not moving)Isokinetic (meaning same speed)