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Q: It is a quality of literature which appeals to our sense of beauty?
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Artistry in literature?

a quality of literature that appeals to our sense of beauty

What are the definitions of the 7 literary standards in world literature?

LITERARY STANDARDS1.ARTISTRY - this is a quality which appeals to our sense of beauty.2.INTELLECTUAL VALUE - a literary work stimulates thought. It enriches our mental life by making us realize fundamental truths about life and human nature.3.SUGGESTIVENESS - this is the quality associated w/the emotional power of literature.4.SPIRITUAL VALUE - Literature elevates the spirit by bringing out moral values which make us better persons.5.PERMANENCE - a great work of literature endures.6.UNIVERSALITY - great literature is timeless and timely.7.STYLE - this is the peculiar way in which a writer sees life, forms his ideas and expresses them.

An image of icy wind appeals to your sense of?


What does the moon represent in literature?

The aftermath of the day, it gives you sense of serenity and a time for reflection. It causes you to go over all your experiences and find beauty in your life.

What is the aesthetic?

When you sense beauty.

What is Gustactory imagery?

This is imagery that appeals to the reader's sense of taste.

Which sentence appeals most to the sense of smell?

fish or bread

What is the aesthetic experience?

When you sense beauty.

What sense did Edgar Allen Poe believe the unity of effect in a poem should arouse in the reader?

A sense of beauty. (apex)

The phrase skin as soft as satin appeals to which sense?

touch APEX ;)

What is olfactory image?

An image that appeals to the sense of smell is an olfactory image.

What words and phrases for describing a tree appeals to the sense?

Vanilla scented

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