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i wouldn't do that you would get the boys distracted which isn't a good thing. you will leave them wanting more and more when they get a girl. this isn't a good thing for girls and it isn't safe.

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How do Saucony sneakers rank compared to other toddler shoes?

Saucony sneakers are well regarded but they are not the best. I would recommend as an alternative purchasing Airwalk sneakers as they are durable and comfortable as well.

Are Asics GT 2160 running sneakers comfortable?

I have never tried Asics GT 2160 running sneakers before so I don't personally know if it's comfortable or not. But, I think that my friend tried it and they liked it.

Are the Asics gel neo33 a good pair of sneakers?

The Asics Gel Neo33 are a great pair of sneakers. These sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, supportive, durable, and inexpensive to boot! These sneakers come highly recommended by current owners and are available nationally. Treat yourself to a pair!

What are the best sneakers for kids?

the best sneaker for kids is anything they are comfortable wearing and having fun in

What are the best shoes for walking?

The best shoes for walking are sneakers. They are more comfortable than other types of shoes. You can buy any brand of sneakers, but nikes and reboks are good.

What are teachers legal roles?

their legal roles by keeping the students safe and comfortable in their learning environment. their legal roles by keeping the students safe and comfortable in their learning environment.

How can the students compare and contrast earth's section?

they can see what is different

What kind of shoes do you need to work at McDonald's?

Wear comfortable sneakers, which I bought at FashionTIY before.

What type of shoes are best to wear to your pilates classes?

Pilates is usually done without shoes, but if you feel more comfortable wearing shoes then sneakers or running shoes would be comfortable to wear for Pilates.

What sneakers are better Jordan or Nike?

People have different opinions about whether Jordan or Nike sneakers are better, but some believe Nikes look better and are comfortable. They also point out that Jordans cost a lot more than Nikes.

What is the difference between a sneaker and a shoe?

Sneaker refers to a tennis shoe, comfortable, ties up... A shoe can be any shoe you put on your feet, heels, boots, sneakers... Tennis shoes have more support and sneakers are made for the looks.

Should students do school speeches?

Students should only do school speeches if they feel comfortable doing the speech.

Which shoes are the most comfortable for a trip to New York city?

Definitly sneakers. They may not be the most stylish, but you'll be thankful for them by the end of the day.

Are asics gel kayano sneakers for women good for walking?

Yes the asics gel kayano womens sneakers would be great for walking sneakers. They are extremely comfortable, stylish and provide great comfort when walking long distances. These running shoes have great gel cushioning to form to your foot to create the extreme walking shoe.

Are skate shoes sneakers?

yes they are sneakers. they just added a wheel in sneakers so technically they are sneakers with a wheel in them. if you are talking about roller skates then no they are not sneakers.

How is the Alexander technique taught?

In lessons teachers guide students through simple movements (while students are dressed in comfortable clothing) and use their hands to help students

What is the uniform used for basketball including shoes?

=the uniform you would need includes a good pair of sneakers, a jersey and a good pair of comfortable shorts.=

What rhymes with beakers?

sneakers SNEAKERS

Are the Nike Mid Doodle sneakers as comfortable as Converse Chuck Taylors?

Chuck Taylors are much more flimsy so they will provide more comfort for your foot.

Can you wear thongs on a plane the ones on your feet?

Not a good idea. In case of emergency, you are essentially barefoot. Comfortable cotton canvas sneakers would be a better choice.

Does skateboarding have an affect on the sneakers your wearing?


How do you spell sneakers?

Sneakers is the correct spelling.

What noun is sneakers?

Plural noun

How do you say sneakers in German?

sneakers are Turnschuhe or Sportschuhe

How do you feel about sneakers?

I like sneakers but why would you ask that?