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Q: It is difficult to cut cloth using a pair of scissors with blood blades explain?
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How do valves work?

A rotary valve, at the ones I'm familiar with, is typically used to move solid materials from a hopper. Basically the valve is designed with a paddle wheel which is shaft-mounted and driven by a motor. The rotary valve is similar to a revolving door: the paddles or blades form an airtight seal with the housing; the motor slowly moves the blades to allow the solids to discharge from the hopper. I know how trumpet rotary valves work. Just tilt the trumpet sideways so the rotary valves face upwards and play.

Why are blood smears made with a feathered edge?

When a patient needs certain blood work done for testing of potential conditions, one way of testing the blood is by doing a blood smear. A blood smear is done by doing a finger prick, extracting a drop of blood, and placing the drop of blood on a glass laboratory microscope plate. Once the drop of blood is on the glass plate, a separate glass plate is used to spread the drop of blood out. It is done by "smearing" the blood across the bottom plate. The desired and only lab-accepted "smear" results in a feathering of the blood, or a increasingly thinning of the amount of blood across the plate, in turn creating a feathered appearance of the blood on the plate. It helps the lab chemists look at the right amount of blood for determining the results of the blood test.

Why is a stent used?

A stent is used when blood vessels are clogged (for example, because of a plaque that has grown on the vessel wall. This obstructs the flow of blood, which can have negative consequences for the tissues that are supplied with nutrients by the blood vessel in question. To improve the flow of blood, a stent can be deployed in the blood vessel at the place of obstruction. A stent will basically push the blood vessel open from inside.

Which vessels have valves?

capillary blood sugar vs venous blood sdugar

Difference between ventilation and perfusion?

Ventilation is actually the object of breathing itself. When the lungs take in oxygen. It can be made difficult by injuries such as broken ribs or anything that makes breathing painful.Perfusion is when the red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to adequately distribute it to body tissues. It is a continuous process performed by the cardiovascular system.

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not increase blood pressure

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There is a buffer in our blood that keeps the pH of our blood at around 8.2

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