Simple Machines (engineering)

A simple machine is a mechanical device that can help you change the force applied to help do more work easier. There are six simple machines: Wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw.

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Simple Machines (engineering)

What simple machines does an elevator use?

An elevator uses a wheel, on which is the axle, and the wheel spins the pulley, which carries up the elevator box :D :D :D

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Simple Machines (engineering)

What is a welding transformer?

A welding transformer is an electrical transformer used in welding power supply.

It pulls relatively low current drawn from the mains power (typically limited to 15 A to avoid tripping the circuit breaker) and converts it to the typical 50 A to 500 A used in arc welding and higher currents used in spot welding. The main difference between a Normal Step Down Transformer & a Welding transformer , is Not only to Step Down ( lower ) the outlet supply voltage and at the same time increase the Available Output Circuit Current, but to be also able withstand the Short Circuit Conditions on the Welding Output Side and especially for the Magnetic ( Iron Lamination Core ) Part of the Transformer. This Magnetic Path difference prevents the Supply side Electrical Circuit from Oveloading , espcially during the Striking of the Arc, when the Welding Electrode & the Welding Job touch to initiate an Arc, after which the Welding Electrode is lifted slightly by Experience, to maintain the required weld flow. A Normal Transformer of equivalent rating will not be able witstand this operation without burning out.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What simple machines make up a clock?


Simple Machines (engineering)

What simple machines are in a bike pump?

Mechanical hand pump?

only a lever (on the fitting to seal around the valve stem.)

not simple machines:

there is a compression chamber

there is a plunger with a handle on one end, and a gasket on the piston inside the compression chamber

the nozzle itself on the end of the hose

there is a ball check valve to permit air flow in only one direction

the whole mechanism works like a pneumatic lever to amplify the pressure over the piston (which might be an inch across) into a small area of the nozzle. That is an outside the box answer.

electric pump has more (like the piston rod would be a lever), and a bellows type (foot pump that looks like the thing you blow onto a fireplace) would have more also.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What are some ways are levers used in daily life?

When u go to the potty room, ur toilet uses a lever!

My contributions:

Bicycle brakes work due to the fact that they are based on a lever.

And yes, another good example of a lever is a simple door handle.

Crowbars, scissors, wheel barrows, and baseball bats are levers too.

Simple Machines (engineering)

Why wheels help things move faster?

Because rolling friction is usually less than sliding friction. A cart will move easier than a sled.

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Simple Machines (engineering)

A list of compound machines?

Some examples of compound machines are

  1. Zipper
  2. Can opener
  3. Bike
  4. Wedges/ Scissors
  5. Stapler
  6. Pencil Sharpener
  7. Ceiling Fan
  8. Pizza Cutter
  9. Bulldozer
  10. Wheelbarrow

Those are some common examples.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What do simple machine and complex machine have in common?


Simple Machines (engineering)

What kind of machine is a padlock?

A padlock is a mechanism made up of springs and pieces of metal. The key acts as a lever.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What is a rigid bar that turns freely about a pivot?

it's was a lever ..........

Simple Machines (engineering)
Light Bulbs and Artificial Lighting

What type of simple machine is a light bulb?


Simple Machines (engineering)

What 3 ways can a machine make work easier?

Machines make work easier by:

-Changing the amount of force you exert

-Changing the distance in which you exert your force

-Changing the direction in which you exert your force

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Simple Machines (engineering)

How many types of resistors are there?

There are basically two types of resistors.
-Fixed resistors
-Variable resistors

Fixed resistors are classified into 4 types based on various factors like manufacturing style,resistance range,power rating etc.
The four types of fixed resistors are
1)Carbon composition
2)Carbon film
3)Metal film(again classified into thick film resistors and thin film resistors)
4)Wire wound-which consists of power style type and precision style type

They are used in electronic circuits to adjust the value of voltages and currents.Ex. They are used in televisions as volume control,brightness control etc. There are three types of variable resistors.They are
1)Potentiometer-classified into carbon potentiometer and wire wound potentiometer

Wire-wound, carbon compound, metal strip, and in modern times, the silicon transistors in linear region are used as resistors

Simple Machines (engineering)

What is the resistance force when you walk up an inclined plane?


I like ya cut G


Simple Machines (engineering)

What is the date of msbte exam of diploma winter 2011?

after Diwali

Simple Machines (engineering)

What are the two major types of simple machines?

Those dependent on the vector resolution of forces (inclined plane, wedge, screw) and those in which there is an equilibrium of torques (lever, pulley, wheel).

Simple Machines (engineering)

What types of simple machines are in analog clocks?


Mechanical Engineering
Simple Machines (engineering)

What is mechanical device that helps do work more easily?

simple machine

Simple Machines (engineering)

How can you make a elf trap with simple machines?

If you mean one of Santa's elves then you cannot trap them by mechanical means as they are magical creatures and can escape any trap you may set. Also Santa's elves are also very good with machines and would not be fooled by any trap you may create.

In order to trap one of Santa's elves you would require a magical containment field or device. You would also need some type of bait which an elf would be interested in. This is incredible hard to find because the elves can make anything they want or have Santa provide for them.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What are the safety measures using simple machine?

1.Never play with sharp and pointed tools.

2.When carrying sharp and pointed tools like knife,position the pointed edge downward.

3.Keep sharp and pointed tools in a tool box.

4.Check the ladder if it is sturdy before using it.

5.Check the rope if it is in good condition before using a pulley.

6.Be sure that the axle is fastened safely and securely to the wheel before using it.

7.Keep away from places where heavy loads are being lifted by pulleys.

8.Do not leave any object on stairways.

9.Be sure that any tool is in good condition before using it.

10.Always keep small children away when using a sharp tool.

11.When you are through using any tool, put it back in its proper place.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What is the main purpose of simple machines?

To gain a mechanical advantage. In other words, to do something you couldn't do without it.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What is the simple machine used to hoist the flag?

Rope and pulley.

Simple Machines (engineering)

What are the three parts of the lever?

its the fulcrum, resistance, and effort

The three parts of a lever, fulcrum, resistance arm and effort arm, work together to make it possible to lift a weight using less force. ...

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Simple Machines (engineering)

What is a Oscillating Motion?

An Oscillating motion is one that moves forwards and backwards in an arc or circle repeatedly. is called oscillatory motion ... by : anushka rai

Simple Machines (engineering)

What type of simple machine is the inclined planes twin brother?

The wedge.


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