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It is it normal to have 2 sets of wisdom teeth?


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2007-09-07 18:00:32
2007-09-07 18:00:32

It's not what usually happens, but it is no big deal. It happens occasionally. You'll just probably have to have two sets removed instead of one. I also have two sets of Wisdom teeth! They are called surnumerary teeth.


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An adult human has 32 teeth, not 16. 16 on top and 16 on the bottom. 4 of these teeth, 2 on top and 2 on bottom are the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are located at the very back of each side of the mouth, behind the last molars

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It is normal to have some swelling and redness on your cheeks after having your wisdom teeth removed. If this swelling and redness lasts for more than 2 days you should contact your dentist.

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They are called "eights" ~ extra wisdom teeth, which is uncommon. I had 2 on my upper set which I had removed. Consider yourself "special"=) I also have two more wisdom teeth in upper part

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Yes. If your mouth is big enough, like mine is, there is no need to remove the wisdom teeth. I know many people who have all of their wisdom teeth, or only had 1 or 2 removed.

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A full set of teeth is 32. That's 16 top and 16 bottom. Remove 2 for the wisdom teeth and you will have 14 on the bottom jaw.

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