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It is okay in French?

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To say "It is okay" in French, you would normally say, "Ça va."

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What is the French expression for It is okay?

"It is okay" in French is "C'est bien"

How do you say okay in french?

we say d'accord or okay.

Is it ok to french kiss at 13?

yes it is okay to french kiss at 13

Okay in french?

'Okay' as an agreement is d'accord. To say that you are okay if someone asks you how you are, you could say 'comme ci, comme ca.'

Can you teach me French?

Okay, you can. But, actually, by learning verbs. You already can speak French! But not really fluent. If you want to know anything in French, just go send me message in this account. Okay? Does it help you? :)

What is you are okay in French?

Tu es okay / tu es très bien - Vous êtes okay / vous êtes très bien

Is it okay to french kiss your daughter on her lips?

A father shouldn't french kiss his daughter.

What is the average rainfall in French Guiana?

Okay, 90% of the time its raining there in French Guiana!

How do you spell okay in french?

"OK / d'accord / d'ac"

Is it ok for a boy to wear a French maid costume to a fancy dress party?

Yes its okay as long as you are okay with it and your family is okay with it btw if you do you should consider shaving your legs

How do you say it ok in french?

"Okay"!! Or "d'accord" pronounced Dah-kor..

What does the word okay mean in french?

it means the same than in English.

How do you say im okay in french?

Cava bien - im okay Pronounced Saa-Vaa Bee-annJe suis ok

What does ca va bien mon sherie mean?

It is translated as "that's okay good my dear" but the meaning in French is "I'm okay my dear".

How is amylose made?

from natural resources such as food french fries okay thank you

Translation of are you okay?

?Estas bien? = Are you ok? In french it is: êtes-vous ok?

How do you spell french word for okay Seva?

Ca'va means "How's it going".

Are you okay translate it into french?

Est-ce que vous allez bien?

How do you say my days okay in french?

Ma journée s'est bien passée

Why is French Guiana famous for?

Okay, French Guiana made the book "Papillion" And the film that followed. They also have many people that play in sports leauges there in French Guiana!

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