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Q: Ive only had one day of your period could you be pregnant?
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You havent had your period since june10 and ive had some brownish discharge could you be pregnant?


You have 5 children and had unprotected sex just after your period you should now be ovulating ive had the clear mucas but have very bad cramps could you be pregnant?

Yeah, you could be.

Hi im 20 ive got pregnancy symptoms ive missed a period and ive done a pregnancy test it came back negative but you feel pregnant what do you do?

You should see a doctor and make sure that you find out if you are pregnant.

Could I be pregnant if I am on birth control and used the pull out method a couple days after my period?

I think sexual intercourse is relaxing ive done it 3 times but to answer your question no.

Your period is 2 weeks late you have pregnancy symotoms but you have a negative on my home pregnancy test Ive heard of pregnancy hormon defficancy Could i still be pregnant?

Yes you can

You have been having many symptoms of pregnancy and ive tried 3 pregnancy test but they all came out negative and you havent missed your period yet could you be pregnant?

Yes you can

If you misss your period and ive forgot to take a birth contorl pill does this mean im pregnant?

If you took the pills incorrectly and missed a period, you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to find out. If it's negative, consider changing to a method that's easier for you to use reliably.

I have about a week before my period ive been cramping and had little spotting for the last three days could I be pregnant?

you wont know until you begin your period and get tested.. most likely, no. Usually you won't have symptoms until your first missed period.

Always get my period 2nd day of sugar pills last month it was 3rd day and very short Ive been unusually tired and emotional past month now on 3rd sugar pill still no period Could I be pregnant?

Yes you could

Brown semen after intercorse. Ive missed my period and thought it was my period starting but still no sign 24 hours after intercourse. Am I pregnant?

no it takes at least 4 days for body to show if pregnant or not

Your nipples are really sore and im cramping im not supposed to start your period for 2 weeks and ive never had your nipples sore before Could you be pregnant?

It does not mean you are pregnent your fine

You have the Mirena and havent had a period for a month ive been throwing up the past couple days are you pregnant?


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