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J Stevens Model 33 shotgun?


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The "J.Stevens" name was shortened to "Stevens" in 1940. What you need to look for is the chamber size, which should be stamped on the barrel. It needs to be 2&3/4 inches to shoot modern ammo. Also Stevens usually stamped near the chamber size if the barrel was proof tested. My Stevens single is stamped "Proof Tested Steel" and it handles modern ammo well, but kicks like a mule. To be really safe, let a gunsmith look at it.

"J. Stevens" was used from 1930 to 1948. Any gun built by Savage/Stevens in that time period will have chambers 2 3/4 or longer. If it also says "& Co" or "A & T" it will be older and may not.


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Savage Arms and J Stevens made the J. C. Higgins sears robuck and company shotgun. If you look on on the right side of it should say Stevens model (whatever model # it has here) like mine says (Stevens model 311A)

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