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Q: Jeff Kinney's family when he was a kid?
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What are the names of jeff Kinneys books?

diary of a whimpy kid

What is Jeff Kinneys new book going to be called?

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

When did Jeff kinneys parents die?

When did Jeff kinneys parents die

Who is Jeff Kinneys publisher?

Jeff Kinney

Have any movies been made of Jeff Kinneys books?

jeff kinney has wrote books and made them movies they are wimpy kid books.

What is Jeff kinneys full name?

jeff kinney

What is Jeff Kinneys email?


What was Jeff Kinneys hobbies?


Who is Jeff kinneys wife?

Julie is Jeff Kinney's wife

What was Jeff Kinneys family like?

Jeff Kinney's family were fun loving people who live i a funloving enviorment and who has lots of responsibilities but still has time for each other ...........................

What is jeff Kinneys childhood like?

Jeff Kinney is a famous writer for the children's series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. You can find out more about his childhood through his biographies.

Who is Jeff Kinney's wife and sons?

Jeff Kinneys wifes name is Debby

What Jeff Kinneys Wife named?

His wifes name was Julie. |I bhope this helps with what you are looking for!!

What is Jeff Kinneys username for poptropica?

it is jhonny123

What are Jeff Kinneys kids names?


Who pubblishes Jeff Kinneys books?


What are Jeff Kinneys hobbies?

Making books

What is Jeff Kinneys cell number?


What is Jeff Kinneys favourite colour?


What is Jeff Kinneys favorit food?


What are Jeff Kinneys greatest accomplishments?


What is Jeff Kinneys pet called?


What Jeff kinneys childrens names?

Will and Grant

What was Jeff Kinneys favorite book?

Jeff is dumb and his wife and sons

What is Jeff Kinney's hobbies and interest?

what is jeff kinneys hobbies