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Jets fly at this height?


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9000 to 12000m 9000 to 12000m 9000 to 12000m 9000 to 12000m


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Yes, Mount Everest is up in the sky. It is at the same height that big jumbo jets fly at.

they have wings and engines

To avoid turbulence, most commercial jets fly in the upper layer of the troposphere, which varies in height depending on latitude, typically 40,000 feet (5 km). This is on the border of the tropopause, just above the troposphere, and the lower layer of the stratosphere in some cases.

The fly and then they shoot (:

Yes some airplanes are jets and no some airplanes are not jets. Airplanes that can fly faster than the speed of sound(break the sound barrier) are called jets.

Pretty easy, if you know what your doing. Jets fly themselves.

Stratosphere and Troposphere

Airline Pilots Generally Fly Jets, More commonly 'Commercial Pilots' Are the chaps that Fly You on Holidays IE. Passenger Jets. Hope This Is a Help = ]

Military aircrafts fly the same height as the commercial airplanes do. The cruising altitude maybe 30000 feet to 45000 feet. Planes like SR-71 have gone upto the maximum of 85,000 feet.

Private jets most likelyt

The maximum height at which a passenger aircraft can fly is 40000 feet.

No. The fastest wind gust ever recorded in a tornado was 302 mph. By comparison, commercial jets regularly fly at 500 mph. Some fighter jets can fly at over 1,000 mph.

They fly in air. High-performance military fighter jets have engines powerful enough that they can fly straight up, like a 'rocket ship'. But aside from those, all airplanes need air in order to remain aloft.

Because they are better than you.

Walk with these Fly Jets over Boston

birds flys bees aeroplanes helicopters jets

This depends on the size of the aircraft. Long range jets can travel up to 6,500 while smaller jets fly around 1500 miles.

It is not difficult to learn how to fly radio controlled jets. You need to go to school to get your pilot's license. With proper training and experience it would be easy to learn.

Humans can fly (in jets, in plains) but not with crappy wax and feather "inventions".

A Boeing 747 can fly up to 7290 miles before the jets stop and the plane crashes.

Yes. In fact some fighter jets fly faster than the speed of sound.

This is not a complete enough question to answer.Maximum height can what fly? A bird, bug, plane, spaceship? What?

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