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If you want to do a superhero comic, invent a superhero, and think up a story for his origin.

The original comic book superhero The Flash was published by Flash Comics and written by Gardner Fox in 1940. The original comic book artist was Harry Lampert.

The Fantastic FourSuperman was the first ever superhero, but the FF were the first with their own comicAction Comics #1

Superman in ACTION Comics 1938

No , many of the independent comic-book publishers often have books without a superhero .

The Superhero Handbook is at the Comic Book Shop run by Ned Noodlehead. But what you need more is the Superhero ID card from the Masks and Capes costume store.

Radioactive Man, with his sidekick Fallout Boy.

You cannot be a comic book superhero. It is fantasy

Seriously?Aquaman... the most useless superhero.

"Doctor Occult, the Ghost Detective"- had supernatural powers, which arguably makes him the first super-powered character who debuted in a comic book .

In the comic book "Mickey Mouse Meets Blotman" .

You can usually go the comic book publisher's website and they will have character biographies of their superhero/villain . For example go to or

Although there appears to be very little information regarding the character Ultraman Gaia is a fictional comic book superhero. She was first in the GenerationX #37 Marvel Comic.

I Think It Is Supper Man But Don't Know For Sure

An epic hero is a literary character; a superhero is a comic-book character.

Plastic Man is a fictional character comic book originally published by Quality Comics, followed by DC Comics in August 1941. The writer-artist was Jack Cole.

Falcon was the first African American superhero, not Black Panther. Black Panther is from Wakanda, a fictional country in Africa, thus he is simply African.

The DC Comic-book superhero "Green Lantern" debuted in "All-American Comics" in 1940 .

The first comic book is generally considered by Famous Funnies, which appeared in 1934.The earliest comic books simply reprinted comic strips from the newspapers. In terms of superhero type characters, many people consider the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) the point at which the comic-book archetype began.

Yes, Marty from The Worst Thing About My Sister creates comic strips about herself as a superhero. The superhero's name is Mighty Mart

The word 'superhero' is merely a 'modernism' for what has historically been simply termed, "comic book heroes". As such, a crime-fighting adventurer does not have to literally have some "super" power to fit into the crime-fighting adventurer mould. This means that comic strips, such as Flash Gordon, The Phantom and 'Mandrake the Magician' existed well before Superman, for instance. Superman (1938), on the other hand, is called the "prototypical superhero" possessing or acquiring paranormal or parahuman powers, which makes him the first of the superheroes.

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