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The women in ancient china's jobs were to clean the household and to take care of the needs of the men in the family.

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What were the jobs of women in ancient China?

The jobs of women in Ancient China were mainly to look after the children that weren't at school and to make sure that the household was spotless and clean.

What jobs did women do in ancient china?

the womens job in ancient china was to make silk and thats the only thing that women would do. that was the only job folr the women,

What were the nobles jobs in ancient China?

the nobles jobs in ancient china were to dance around the kings and lay eggs!

Who were women from Ancient China supposed to be loyal to?

The women from Ancient China are supposed to be loyal to tehir husbands

Which jobs did women have in Ancient China?

Woman back then their were lots of jobs Here are just some They had to look after their children,grow rice, look after their houses

Where did men and women live in ancient China?


Role of ancient women of China?

Women in ancient China stayed at home and either watched her daughters or work in the fields.

What were all the jobs in ancient China?


What were the jobs in ancient china?

the work as a doctors

What were the jobs tat the civil servants in ancient china had?

The jobs were traders, and warriors,

Whatwhere the jobs in anchint china?

There were a number of different jobs in ancient China. The main jobs were farming and fishing and well as trading activities.

What is a list of womens jobs in ancient China?


What were rich and poor peoples jobs in ancient china?

Poor people's jobs in ancient China were Slaves, money lenders, merchants and traders. Rich peoples jobs were land owners, scholars and poets.

What did women wear in ancient China?


Did ancient China have workers?

yes there were many specific jobs

What were some of the differences between the roles of men and women in ancient China?

Women in ancient China were expected to play a subordinate role to their fathers, husbands, and sons.

What jobs did ancient Inca women have?

The Inca women ran the house hold

What are Similarities of women in ancient china and ancient mesopotamia?

Both Chinese and Mesopotamian women were considered inferior to men.

How many women were in Ancient China?

this question is unanswerable

Did women in ancient china have the same rights as men?


What were the jobs of men women and children in Ancient Rome?

women looked after the children and cookedandcleaned.

What were some jobs in Ancient China?


What are ancient China noble jobs?

Local government leadership - the "mandarins".

In ancient china can women be solders?

No, like women in other ancient civilizations, their main purpose was to take care of children.

What were the roles or jobs of women in ancient Mali?

ape people