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Joe Jonas would you date me?

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You would have to meet him and see if he likes you. You never know he could, but we can't really anser that. Meet him and if he talks to you more than the other fans at the meet and greet, or takes a couple minutes to talk to you after the meet and greet then he obviously likes you, which could lead to a date. Bottom line meet him first, and the rest will be in Josephs hand, but he would date a fan, that's just a normal girl, so on the other hand, yes he would date you.... if everything else falls into place.

2011-02-28 07:48:36
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Q: Joe Jonas would you date me?
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Would Joe Jonas date a Romanian girl?

It depends on who Joe Jonas wants to date, and its all his opinion.

Would Joe Jonas like to date anybody from India?

joe Jonas might

Did Miley date Nick Jonas and then date Joe Jonas?

yea she dated nick Jonas but not joe Jonas

Does Joe Jonas date his fans?

Joe,Kevin and Nick Jonas said they would date a fan. Altough, Kevin is currently engaged.

Would Joe Jonas Date Another Demi?

Joe Jonas does not hold grudges like that- he will date any girls who cares about him and supports him in what he does.

Would Joe Jonas date afan?

Joe Jonas would definetly date a fan. He looks for a girl who is sweet and adventurious. If she happens to be a fan even better.

Did Joe Jonas date demi lavoto?

Joe Jonas did date Demi Lovoto.

Would Joe Jonas date someone who is not famous?

he said that he would

Would Joe Jonas date a rich girl?

He Will Date Anyone Who Is A Fan.

Would Joe Jonas date a 7 year old?


Would Joe Jonas date older women?

he already is

Would Joe Jonas ever date a Leo?


Would Joe Jonas date Sarah pavelske?

Joe Jonas is currently dating Blanda Eggenschwiler, as of July 2014. He would most likely not date Sarah Pavelske at this time.

Would Joe Jonas date a man?

Um, NO! Jeez, no way would Joe do that! He likes girls.

Joe Jonas and chelsey S?

You mean, together? That would be awesome! my name happens to be Chelsey S. and I would LOVE to date Joe Jonas!

Do Joe Jonas date people who are four years younger?

Joe Jonas is 18 so that would make you 14. Joe said right now he would date a 14 year old. xoxo,meghan

Would Joe Jonas date a none celebrete?

yes he would if he liked her

Would Joe Jonas date a dutch girl?

NO he would not cause he will date me very very soon

Is Joe Jonas going to date javannah mckenzie?

is joe Jonas going to date javannah mckenzie

Would Joe Jonas date a 13 year old from England?

No, because Joe Jonas is 19 years old, so that would just be wrong.

If the Jonas brothers went on a date what would be romantic?

joe do you like me

How young a girl would Joe Jonas date?

About 16 or 15

Would Joe Jonas date a fan if they have a lot in common?


Would Joe Jonas like to date a 11year old?


Does Joe Jonas Date Black Girls?

i think joe would proberbly date a black girl. Im black and i luv joe Jonas soooooooo yeh i think he would go out with a black girl but only if their preety, the Jonas brothers arn`t racist sooooo yes he would date any black girl