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Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" was was on the 1975 "Song for My Lady" album that quickly went out of print and never made it to CD. I think it was his best album.

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What album is the Iron Maiden song called Virus on?

Virus is on the album 'Best of the Beast'.

Iron maiden witch album has the song dance of the death?

The song "Dance of Death" appears on the 2003 Iron Maiden album of the same name, "Dance of Death." It also appears on the live album "Death on the Road." Disregard the previous answer that claims the song never appeared on a studio album. This simply isn't true.

What song was playing while the Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage?

My heart will go on by Celine Dion

Which album of iron maiden does the song El dorado belong to?

The Final Frontier (2010)

Where was titanic song final destination?

Titanic's final destination for the first leg of her maiden voyage was New York City. Since a maiden voyage technically includes the round-trip, the final destination in that context would have been Southampton, UK.

Is Sea of Monsters an iron maiden song?

Nope, but there's a song called "Sea Of Madness" from the Somewhere In Time album if that helps.

Are Iron Maiden and Motorhead the only artists to have a self titled song from a self titled album?

Bad Company's debut album, Bad Company, included the song "Bad Company."

What cradle of filth album features hallowed be thy name?

That's an Iron Maiden song from The Number of the Beast.

What Iron Maiden album is The Trooper on?

The Trooper was featured in the album "Piece of Mind". The song is 4:10 minutes long and was released in 1983.

What song did India arie sing on the bernie mac show?

She sang "The Truth" from the album "Voyage to India"

When was the single 'Run To The Hills' released by Iron Maiden?

The song 'Run to the Hills' is a popular Iron Maiden single. The song was originally released on February 12, 1982 as part of the band's third studio album.

Who sings the iron maiden in phantom of the opera?

There is no song by Iron Maiden in the musical or movie 'The Phantom Of The Opera', however the band have recorded a track based on the novel, called "Phantom of the Opera" on their first album, 'Iron Maiden' released in 1980.

What is the longest iron maiden song?

Up until 2015, the longest Iron Maiden song was The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, which clocks in at 13:38 minutes. However, since the release of The Book of Souls album in 2015, the longest song is now Empire of the Clouds, clocking in at 18:01 minutes.

Meaning of phantom of the opera by iron maiden?

It is song from their First album Iron Maiden. It describe Phantom seducing woman. Steve Harris was inspired by the movie of the same name I think. Editor:Elaiza Mae Uy

Is Drake's Headlines a song or album?

The song "Headlines" by Drake is a SONG. NOT an ALBUM!The SONG is on the ALBUM.

When was The Voyage - song - created?

The Voyage - song - was created on 1969-04-25.

When was Voyage - song - created?

Voyage - song - was created on 2002-09-26.

When was Virus - Iron Maiden song - created?

Virus - Iron Maiden song - was created on 1996-09-02.

When was Twilight Zone - Iron Maiden song - created?

Twilight Zone - Iron Maiden song - was created in 1980.

When was Still Life - Iron Maiden song - created?

Still Life - Iron Maiden song - was created in 1983.

How do you call a single song on an album?

an album track? a song?

From which album is the song dark side of the moon?

Dark Side of the Moon is also the albums title No, I think the song is from a different album. If the song is from the same album then what is the song called? Nowhere is the song named in the album.

Will Carrie Underwood put There's a Place For Us on her next album?

The only way to get the song is to purchase the soundtrack from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

When was From Here to Eternity - Iron Maiden song - created?

From Here to Eternity - Iron Maiden song - was created on 1992-06-29.

What album is seduction song by Beyonce on?

"Seduction Song" is on the album "B'Day".