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Probably the kind that don't fawn over them and research as much as they can.

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What is the Jonas Brothers favorite type of music?

johnny cash

What are the Jonas Brothers favorite type of dog?

Nick has a golden retriever

Do the Jonas brothers date black girls?

it depends what type of girl you are it depends what type of girl you are

What type of girls are Nick Jonas favorite?

She has to have beautiful eyes and have a sense of humor and be lively and energetic.I love the Jonas broooothhheerss!:-)

What type of Christians are the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers are committed Evangelical, Christians.

Which brother does Joe Jonas like Kevin or nick?

Um, i would probably think that Joe Jonas doesn't have a favorite of his brothers because that would be pretty harsh and the other one might feel left outt and Joe Jonas doesnt look like the type to have a favorite of HIS BROTHERS. He is his own favorite:] lol

What type of girls will Nick Jonas date?

Nick Jonas? As in the Jonas Brothers? OMG I <3 him!!! Hi, id like to meet up, my name is Barack Obama

Who out of the Jonas brothers has type 1 diabeedies?

nick Jonas

Where do you find out stuff about the Jonas Brothers in aus?

I Think there is a Jonas Brothers Australia website- type that in.

What is Selena Gomez favorite type of music?

Paramore, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and lots of others.

Where can you find moveing Jonas Brothers icon?

Try to go on and type in Jonas Brothers. You should find gazillions of moving pictures of the Jonas Brothers

Jonas brothers are in?

The Jonas Brothers are "in." They are the new hit teen group and are on tour now. If you want to see their concert go to and type in The Jonas Brothers.

What celebrities have type 1 diabetes?

Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers

What is Nick Jonas favorite car type?

His favorite type of car is an escalade.

Is Jonas the Jonas Brothers' stage last name?

go on and type Jonas brothers and that's their real last .name

Does the Jonas brothers have blood type?

everybody have a blood type!

What type of Christianity are the Jonas Brothers?


Does Nick Jonas have a YouTube?

no. but the group (Jonas brothers) shares a youtube. to find it go to youtube and type in Jonas brothers and their channel will show up of

Were can you get information on Jonas Brothers? and search Jonas Brothers (the official Jonas Brothers fansite) IMDB (internet movie database) or just type in Jonas Brothers into the Google/Yahoo/Bing search engine, and millions of Jonas Brothers information sites will pop up. Happy hunting :)

How do you get concert tickets for the Jonas Brothers?

ANSWER: You can go to TicketMaster and type in Jonas Brothers or another artist.It will only work if they are on tour.

Where can you find good baby pictures of the Jonas Brothers?

Go to YAHOO! and type in baby pictures of the Jonas Brothers. Your welcome!

Which Jonas brothers has diabetes in which type?

Nick, and he has type 1 diabetes.

Is the Jonas brothers type of music pop?


What type of music the Jonas brothers have?

Pop mostly

Does one of the Jonas brothers have a disease?

Yes. Nick Jonas has Type 1 Diabetes.