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Judgments regarding what is normal are based on culture. Culture encompasses the political, scientific, and ethical value systems of a society.

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According to Ruth Benedict on what basis if normality defined?

Normality is defined according to the cultural norms of the society in question and is therefore highly subjective.

Political and cultural values are often separate true or false?

Political and cultural values are often separate.

What is enthnocentrism?

Ethnocentrism is making value judgments about another culture from perspectives of one's own cultural system.

What is the political and cultural center of russia?


Are all persons ethical judgments the same?

No. Everyone has opinions on what behavior and thinking are right and what is wrong, basing these ethical judgments on personal values. We develop our values from religious beliefs, our experience, our cultural background, and our scientific knowledge, Because people have different backgrounds, our judgments as to what is right and wrong vary somewhat.

What is the political capital of Mexico?

Mexico City is the economic, political and cultural capital of Mexico.

What political and cultural heritage were Italy heirs to?

The political and cultural heritage they were heirs to was male domination. The man, and man only, was allowed to participate in political affairs. At home, a wife was expected to do as her husband wishes.

What are the characteristics of nationalism?

social/cultural econ political

What types of imperialism were there?

military, political, economic, cultural

What is the difference between cultural relativism and multiculturalism?

Cultural Relativism is the moral philosophy. Multiculturalism is its political enactment.

What are the different types of political boundaries?

Geometric-Political boundary,Cultural - Political boundary, Religious Boundary , Language Boundary , and Physical - political Boundary

Can political culture be used to predict how people will behave?

No, poorque la political cultural estaemos giraff.

What does PPECS mean?

Physical. Political. Economic. Cultural. Social.

What is the cultural political and economic center of Mexico?

Mexico City. :)

What are the different types of globalization?

Cultural, Economical, Political, and Social.

What is the difference between a political region and a cultural region?


What do Cuban cultural values emphasize?

Cuban cultural values mostly emphasize collective wealth and collective political awareness.

What is cultural revolution-?

Cultural revolution refers to a social-political movement that engages in activism to influence change of the status quo.

What were the major cultural economic political and religious developments in medieval japan?

Their economic and political structure was influenced by their religion.

Causes of cultural diversity?

Also known as multiculturalism, cultural diversity is based on the theory that cultural differences should not be ignored rather maintained and valued. Cultural diversity is caused by language, customs, religion, ethnic. generational, socio-economic, disability, learning styles, political appearance, political affiliations and sexual orientation.

What are 3 causes of war?

Political, Economic, And cultural or religious reasons.

Scope of environmental science?

these are physical,biological,cultural,economics,and political

Paris and its surrounding area is?

the economic, political, and cultural capital of France.

Four forms of Nationalism are?

Ethnic/race Political Religious Cultural

How did Byzantine empire preserved the political and cultural heritage of Rome?