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Q: Karl marx is closely associated with what type of movement?
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What is Karl Marx most closely associated with?

Karl Marx is most closely associated with communism.

The name most closely associated with communism is?

karl marx

What form of government was Karl Marx more closely associated with?


The concept of a classless society is most closely associated with which of these?

Karl marx

Was Karl Marx closely associated with communism?

He created the base for communism known as Marxism. He died before the communist movement kicked off.

Whose ideas are most closely associated with the term dictatorship of the proletariat?

Karl marx

Whose ideas are the most closely associated with the term dictatorship of the proletariat?

Karl Marx

What movement was associated with Karl Marx?

Marx was closely associated with the communist movement. His ideology was adopted by Russian dissidents such as Vladimir Lenin to convince the workers in Russia that they would be better off overthrowing the Tsarist regime and adopting a communist form of government. Marx had no direct role in the Russian Revolution because he had died before it took place.

What major economic system is Karl Marx associated with?

Karl Marx was founder of modern socialism and communism.

What is The materialist concept of history associated with?

Karl marx

What was Karl Marx closely associated with?

Marx is closely associated with the political and economic system known as communism. However, Marx's vision of communism bears no resemblance to the communist systems in place in the world today. Marx's view was almost Utopian in nature, whereas communist systems in place now are tyrannical. They oppress the very class of people Marx thought communism would benefit the most.

Was Karl Marx a socialist?

He was one of the founders of the movement.

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