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Kasi tribe is known as the most educated and well disciplined tribe of pashtuns, if you go further deep into their history then its about 13000 years old, Kasi's mostly known to be in Pakistan's city Quetta can be found in Iran,Palestine,Iraq and Afghanistan too.
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The Pashtun Family Tree In the early seventeenth century, a Pashtun from North India called Khwaja Ni'mat Allah described the tribal structure and origin of Pashtun Society in this work, the Makbzan-I Afghani. Although it undoubtedly contains information on the ethnogenesis of the Pashtuns, this genealogy should not be read as a sound historical source that indicates how the Pashtuns came into being as a distinct ethnic group. Instead, it should be used as a source of information, from the seventeenth century or earlier, for the way in which the Pashtuns saw themselves as a group. Ni'mat Allah differentiates between four main groups of Pashtuns. These are the descendants of the three sons of the putative ancestor of al Pashtuns, Qays Abdul Al-Rashid Pathan, plus another, fourth group. The putative ancestor himself descended, according to traditional genealogies, from King Sarul (Saul), the Jewish king. The allegedly Jewish ancestry of the Pashtuns was a subject always hotly debated in Pashtun tea houses! The three sons of Qays Abdul Al-Rashid pathan were named Sarban, Bitan and Ghurghusht (although there are many variants of these names). Most important of these, at least in the eyes of Ni'mat Allah, was Sarban. He was the eldest son. His descendants, via his son Sharkhbun, are mainly found in South Afghanistan, and via his other son Kharshbun, in the Peshawar Valley. Those in the west include the Abdalis, who since the mid-eighteenth century are called the Durranis. Those in the east include the Yousfzay, who lie north of Peshawar, and many other tribes in the same area. Genealogy of Pathan tribes, from The Imperial Gazetteer of India, Vol. XIX, Pg 207 The relationship between the descendants of Sharkhbun and Kharshbun is of great interest. If Ni'mat Allah is correct, this would indicate historical connections. In this context the spread of another group, namely the offspring of a man called Kasi, is also important. Kasi was another descendant of Kharshbun, the son of Sarban. Kasi's descendants include the Shinwaris, who nowadays live in the Jalalabad area west of Peshawar. But they also include two other tribes who live far to the south, in the Quetta region southeast of Qandahar, namely the Kasis themselves and the Ketrans. You can also download the Pata Khazana and see page number 10 which is about Kasi. Pata Khazana or the Hidden Treasure is a biography of Pashtoon poets from the earliest times to the time of Mohammad Hotak, the author. It was written in 1728-29 AD in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The earliest poet mentioned in Pata Khazana, Amir Krorr, died in 771 AD. Lt. General Sir Georage Macmunn observes: "This race (Semitic) claims that it is descended from Saul by a grandson Afghana, said to have been solomon's commander-in-Chief, through one Kish or Kasi, eighteenth in descent from the first King of Israel. There is no direct evidence in support of this claim." Sub-Tribes (Kasi Bin Kharashboon Bin Sarhban Bin Qais Abdul Rashid) 1. Akazai (Balochistan) 2. Zamarianai 3. Muhammad Zai 4. Moseegh 5. Seron 6. Kattran 7. Qaum Yar 8. Shinwari 9. Herh 10. Slatt 11. Saam 12. Alo Zai Books References 1. Pata Khazana(Download) 2. Book name: The Afghans ((WILLEM VOGELSANG)) 3. Book Name: Tarikh-e Morassa ((Afzal Khan Khattak)) 4. Book Name: International Encyclopedia of Islamic Dynasties 5. Book Name:Tarikh-e-Kursheed-Jhan 6. Book Name: Phonologies of Asia and Africa 7. Book Name: Biographical encyclopaedia of Sufis By N. Hanif 8. Book Name: A Glossary Of The Tribes And Castes Of The 9. Book Name: Isis lactans By V. Tam Tinh Tran, Yvette Labrecque 10. Book Name:Quetta & Kassi Sources
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Famous People
  • Mir Aimal Kasi
  • Sadiq Shaheed Kasi
  • Shaheed Ghulam Hussain Kasi
  • Nawab Arbab Muhammad Umar Kasi
  • Nawab Arbab Khudadad Khan Kasi
  • Arbab Abdul Kadir Kasi
  • Arbab Abdul Zahir
  • Dur Mohammad Kassi
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Is Pashtun a hard language to learn?

yes its practically impossible to find the resources for learning it. if you can speak it the cia will literally hand you a 6 figure job.

What Tribe is the Powhatan tribe in?

Powhatan - The Powhatan Tribe (proper) is comprised of Americans who are descendants of Chief Powhatan or the Powhatan Tribe. The Powhatan surname is used to document historic Powhatan ancestry. A federally protected sacred burial ground of the Powhatan Tribe is located on Redstone

What is a tribe?

A tribe is a group of families that have a leader and work in a community. They usually have a herd of animals such as cattle or goat.

What was a tribe then?

A tribe is a group of people for example, a family, a group, or mabe just lots of familys living together.

Tell you about Hafiz Khel Pashtun Tribe?

Pashtun is a race of people living in the areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Currently they count approximately 42 million people and they were traced in archeological expeditions as back as 2000 BCE.

Who are the Pashtuns?

The Pashtuns are an Iranic ethnic group living in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are typically characterized by the usage of the Eastern Iranian Pashto language and practice of Pashtunwali, which is a traditional set of ethics guiding individual and communal conduct. Their origins are unclear. The ( Full Answer )

What does afa kasi mean?

It is a Samoan term used to describe a person of Samoan and Palagi (Caucasion) descent.

Why are the Pashtun people so powerful as a group?

Because they are a martial race and are descendant of aryans and partial descendants of scythians who were very powerul people of there time and as well as pashtuns. Pashtuns have defeated two super power of there times one Britain and other russia and even today they represent majority of Afghanist ( Full Answer )

Who is pashtun in The Kite Runner?

\nPashtuns (Pashto: پښتون Paṣ̌tun, Pax̌tun, also rendered as Pushtuns, Pakhtuns, Pukhtuns), also called Pathans[11] (Urdu: پٹھان, Hindi: पठान Paṭhān) or ethnic Afghans,[12] are an Eastern Iranian ethno-linguistic group with populat ( Full Answer )

Are Pashtuns Greek?

Pashtuns are ethnically and iinquistically a people of eastern iranian ancestry (possible partial modern day descendants of Bactrians/Scythians) speaking a language called pashto(or pakhto). There is evidence of a limited greek contribution to the gene pool. Pashto language is related to the extinct ( Full Answer )

Is the makah tribe still a tribe?

yes it us still a tribe but its not huge like it used to. the population is getting smalller and smaller every year.

Jaffar tribe of pashtun?

Jaffar is a pashtun tribe settled in northern balouchistan province of pakistan. They number around one hundred thousand and speak jaffari dialect of pashto.

Arbab Abdul Zahir picture kasi tribe?

arbab abdul zahir kasi is the nawab of kasi tribe.kasi is a very old and modren and educated tribe having sub casts as arbab and malik.arbab zahir is the trible head of the tribe who has also been fighting for the rights of pukhtoons since young age with his father under the leadership of bacha khan ( Full Answer )

What is the population of pashtuns in Karachi?

7 Million The Pashtuns (Pakhtuns or Pathans), originally from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and northern Baluchistan and Afghanistan are now the city's second largest ethnic group in Karachi after Muhajirs. With as high as 7 (Seven) million, the city of Karachi in Pakistan has the largest concentration ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between the Pashtuns and the Hazaras?

The Hazaras Are Shiite Muslims, and the Pashtuns Are Sunni Muslims. The Hazaras are not from the same part of Asia as the Pashtuns, (Not Afghani;s) and tend to look more oriental (Like Hassan.) Because the Hazaras were not native Afghani's, they treated them like slaves, as you can probably gathe ( Full Answer )

Where pashtun came from?

there are many theory's about them being the descendants of the Greeks and one of the nine tribes of ancient Israel so no body really knows but i think they were in Afghanistan from the beginning but nobody thought they were of any importance so they didn't write about them in history

What tribes were part of the coastal tribes?

The Tulalip, Swinomish, Lummi and Skagit tribes were known to have the most wealth. They lived on the western side of the cascades in Washington. The reason why these tribes were "so rich" was not because they were ornamented with gold or built gold statues, but it was their abundant food and their ( Full Answer )

Pakistan's policy toward the Pashtun tribes in the country?

pakistan has the same policy towards all pashtoon in pakistan to divide and rule those who want to get together the pashtoon are liable to be killed through their proxies that is the religious extremist,the pushtoon nationalist are their first target ,those nationalist who raised againt the extremis ( Full Answer )

What is the related tribes with the chumash tribe?

The Chumash of California were originally a large tribe of perhaps 20,000 people but they have declined considerably in numbers and their language is practically extinct (although there are currently efforts being made to teach the language to tribal members). The Chumash language is now classifi ( Full Answer )

Are pashtuns Arabs?

No. Pashtuns are a Central Asian people and share much more in common with Persians, Kurds, and Qashqai then with Arabs.

Why is it proper to have a united Pakistan when the Punjabis Pashtuns Sindhis and Balochis all have very different cultures and societal organization?

Answer 1 I could argue that people from every culture in the world have come to North America and formed two highly successful nations, the United States and Canada. I live in Canada where the ethnic diversity is considerably greater than that of Pakistan, and we are (pretty much) all happy to be ( Full Answer )

What does the word Kasi refer to?

The word Kasi is a name of ancient kingdom that was based in the north of India. Its definition is "shining" and it is also commonly used in modern times as a name too.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadareh - 2009?

The cast of Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadareh - 2009 includes: Bahman Ardalan as Himself - the sound engineer Hichkas as himself Abrang as Themselves Nikaien as Themselves Hamed Behdad as Nader Pouya Hosseini Ashkan Koshanejad as Ashkan Tabar Mehdi Kosh Mirzahi Babak Mirzakhani Shervin Najafian ( Full Answer )

Was the Afghan State founded by a Pashtun leader in the 18th century?

The Barakzai family, who founded the Emirate and (later) Kingdom of Afghanistan were Pashtuns. The Emirate was founded in 1826. Long prior to this, in the 18th century the Hotaki family founded an Afghan Empire and this family was also Pashtun.

Why does my Pashtun boyfriend shy away from me and keep me a secret I'm African American?

One of the things that one finds quite often among Middle Easterners, South Asians, and East Asians (collectively as Asians) is that there is a very strong expectation that it is only desirable if you date within your own ethnic group. If the family of such a person finds out that he is going out wi ( Full Answer )