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Kate Bush lyrics?

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Click on the 'Kate Bush' link on this page to find lyrics to some of her most popular songs.

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Wh is the Best female solo british singer between kate bush Annie lennox or kate bush?

Kate Bush

When was Kate Bush born?

Kate Bush was born on July 30, 1958.

What is the birth name of Kate Bush?

Kate Bush's birth name is Bush, Catherine.

What nicknames does Kate Bush go by?

Kate Bush goes by Kathy - her childhood nickname.

Who is Kate bush?

Kate Bush is a British rock musician, who was mostly successful in the 80's. For more information, see

Kate bush lyrics of cloudbusting sampled on a song?

Utah Saints Something Good '08

How old is Kate Bush?

Kate Bush is 58 years old (birthdate: July 30, 1958).

Is kate bush jewish?


When was Lionheart - Kate Bush album - created?

Lionheart - Kate Bush album - was created on 1978-11-13.

Who are some famous people named Kate?

Kate BeckensaleKate BushKate JacksonKate WinsletKate GosslingCate BlanchetteKate Tisdall

What is Kate Bush's birthday?

Kate Bush was born on July 30, 1958.

Is Kate Bush the niece of George Bush?

NO- they are not related in any known way.

Is kate bush related to elkie brooks?


When was Director's Cut - Kate Bush album - created?

Director's Cut - Kate Bush album - was created on 2011-05-16.

When was Wild Man - Kate Bush song - created?

Wild Man - Kate Bush song - was created on 2011-10-10.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon - 1981?

The cast of Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon - 1981 includes: Kate Bush as herself Glenys Groves as Backing Singer Del Palmer as Himself - Electric Bass

Who is singer Peter Gabriel's sister?

Kate Bush

How many records has kate bush sold?


What is Kate Bush' IQ?


Does Kate Bush have any children?

Yes she has a son

How much does kate bush weigh?

About 100lbs...on the moon.

What is the net worth of kate bush?

£25 million

What are the lyrics to the song Foundations by Kate Nash?

You can access the lyrics through Related Links, below.

How tall is Kate Bush?

5' 3 1/2"

Who were top British female singers of the 80s?

Kate bush