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If your friend is in a diaper why not, what does it hurt and you might like it.

i think its a good idea 2 wear diapers with a friend that wears diapers to make them feal better about their self. Diapers also feel good and if you got to piss just go in them.

I think it not right unless it was their choice. if it was, buy them some yourself.

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Q: Kids wearing diapers at a friends home because theirfriend has to wear diapers?
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Children wearing diapers at school at friends home?

if theyre going to poop their pants they should wear a diaper. i go to an all girls school and i love wearing diapers under my shirt.

Teens wearing diapers?

Teens might have to wear diapers if they are incontinent because of congenital disorders or surgery.

Why do diaper lovers love wearing diapers?

Because diaper lovers still have infant mindset. These are people who refuse to grow with their age. And because they are so used to wearing diapers, they find it difficult not to wear them.

Wearing diapers at sleepover because everyone else is?

yes!! yes!!yes!!

What if you like wearing diapers?

A surprising number of people are "into" wearing diapers. It's a harmless sexual interest -- enjoy yourself!

Adults wearing diapers?

Copy and paste this:

What can happen if you make your kid wear diapers?

Nappy rash is always a possibilty. It also depends on the age of the child, older children may feel embarrassed if their friends discover that they are still wearing diapers.

How do you stop wearing diapers?

you dont

Do girls like wearing diapers?


Why do men wear diapers?

Some men wear diapers because of incontinence, while some wear them cause they prefer diapers rather than traditional underwear. For most men wearing a diaper can be a relaxing and stress relieving once negative connotations forgotten. Wearing diapers is purely natural. Unlike most misconceptions.

Where do teens go out wearing diapers without pants on?

Teens do not go out wearing diapers without pants. In fact, many teens do not wear diapers unless they are suffering from a mental disability.

Which celebrities wear diapers?

Amy Winehouse was famously pictured wearing diapers on a couple of occasions