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Kinds of elimination?


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There are three kinds of elimination: the single, double, and the round robin.


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the different kinds of elimination is a single elimination and a double elimination

Elimination may refer to:Science and medicineIn chemistryElimination reaction, an organic reaction in which two functional groups split to form an organic productIn pharmacologyElimination, clearance of a drug or other foreign agent from the bodyIn epidemiologyElimination, the destruction of an infectious disease in one region of the world as opposed to its eradication from the entire worldLogic and mathematicsIn logicElimination, the rule of inference known as the disjunctive syllogismIn mathematicsElimination, with steps of elimination over linear equalities, using the Gaussian elimination algorithmElimination, for systems of linear inequalities, using the Fourier-Motzkin elimination algorithm

There was no Elimination Chamber in 2007.

TNA does not have an Elimination Chamber. The WWE does.

Elimination is the removal of undigested food (solid waste) from the body.

John Cena won the Raw Elimination Chamber, and Edge won Smackdown's Elimination Chamber.

The team won at the district level but then lost in the elimination round. Hitler's master plan called for the elimination of the Jewish race. Her doctor recommends the elimination of all processed foods from her diet.

The rectum holds waste until elimination.

Randy Orton will win the Elimination Chamber!!(:

Batista,at the end of Raw Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber PPV is once each year. The next Elimination Chamber match will be in February 2012.

Single elimination in volleyball is when as soon as you lose you are done/finished.

Elimination In medical terminology refers to urination and defecation.

WWE Elimination Chamber is on Sky Sports 1 HD.

jack swagger won the elimination chamber 2013

for the smackdown winner of the elimination chamber was= chris Jericho. for the raw elimination chamber the winer was= john cena but batista attacked john cena to win. for the ecw elimination chamber the winner was= ezekiel Jackson

The large intestine prepares wastes for elimination from the body.

The large intestine prepares wastes for elimination from the body

Defecation is the medical term meaning the elimination of stool.

Laukkai Drugs Elimination Museum was created in 2000.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television was created in 1978.

Drawn Together - 2004 The Elimination Special Part 2 The Elimination 3-17 was released on: USA: 8 October 2007

Many times your are removing heavy atoms during an elimination reaction.

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