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Kingdom hearts 2 is a game that helps continue wat happened before on kingdom hearts 1 when sora went to kingdom hearts to find his friends. But in the first game he only got 1 friend back on the other side. And that side was at there island. So now in kingdom hearts 2 sora has to find his other friend named riku. And this time sora and the others find more secrets that were kept. And sora is going to find out that riku never wanted sora to find him and that sora and a girl that's friends with and her name is kairi that they both have nobody's that helps sora to his quest.

And in the second game of kingdom hearts in the end they all go back to the island but the adventure doesn't stop there. Its not a rumor but kingom hearts 3 is going to come out for the ps3 its call kingdom hearts 3 birth by sleep.

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Q: Kingdom Hearts 2?
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Is there a website for Kingdom Hearts?

www.kingdomhearts.comIt's a portal site for Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

What are the 5 kingdoms names?

Kingdom hearts birth by sleep, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts re coded, kingdom hearts 365/2 days, kingdom hearts 2 and kingdom hearts dream drop distance. those are all the game s there is kingdom hearts 2 final mix and kingdom hearts re: chain of memories

What platforms is Kingdom Hearts availble on?

Ps2 (kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts re:chain of memories), gameboy advance (kingdom hearts chain of memories), ds (kingdom hearts 358/2 days, kingdom hearts re:coded), psp (kingdom hearts birth by sleep), 3ds (kingdom hearts dream drop distance)

What is the hearts chain bass?

If you mean the order of which they were made, here it is: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days BUT THIS IS THE ORDER THEY ACTUALLY GO IN: Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 2. Also, the other 2 upcoming ones: After Kingdom Hearts 2 will be Birth By Sleep (on psp) and Kingdom Hearts 3 (most likely on ps3)

How many Kingdom Hearts have been made?

There's currently 10 games in the series.- Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep- Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix- Kingdom Hearts- Kingdom Hearts Final Mix- Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days- Kingdom Hearts 2- Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix- Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded- Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

What are the names of each Kingdom Hearts game?

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep [out soon] Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories and RE: Chain Of Memories Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days [out soon] Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts Coded [out soon]

Will the be more Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts 2

How do you end Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 1?

In Kingdom Hearts 1, you need to beat Ansem, in Kingdom Hearts 2, you need to beat Xemnas.

Is Kingdom Hearts 2 for ds?

no, but the only Kingdom Hearts title on the ds is"Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days."

How many Kingdom Hearts games have Jack Skellington in them?

2 games Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

How many Kingdom Hearts games are there?

Here they are: 1. Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 3. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories 4. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 5. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 6. Kingdom Hearts II 7: Kingdom Hearts Coded 8: Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

What are all of the games for Kingdom Hearts for the ps2 and please also add extra side games for Kingdom Hearts too?

play station 2: kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts re:chain of memories, and kingdom hearts 2 ds: kingdom hearts 385/2 days, and kingdom hearts re: coded psp: kingdom hearts birth by sleep game boy: kingdom hearts chain of memories 3ds: kingdom hearts dream drop distance

Does Blockbuster have Kingdom Hearts 2?

yes they do have kingdom hearts 2 in blockbuster

How do you acess cheats in Kingdom Hearts 2?

There are no cheats for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Where is the Garden of Assemblage in Kingdom Hearts 2?

It doesn't exist in Kingdom Hearts 2. It only exists in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+

How do you get 2player's on Kingdom Hearts 2?

You can't get 2 player on Kingdom Hearts 2(there may be a codebreaker or gameshark code) but Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is first and only Kingdom Hearts game to have mulitplayer

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 real?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

What is the chronology of Kingdom Hearts re coded?

Kingdom Hearts Recoded happens after Kingdom Hearts 2

What now you have finished Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom hearts 2

Which one was the first Kingdom Hearts released?

Kingdom Hearts 1. this is what order the games are in (Plus the newest games) # Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep # Kingdom Hearts # Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories # Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days # Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Coded--I think goes in between KH 1 and Chain of Memories?

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts 5?

There are currently 6 kingdom hearts games, kingdom hearts birth by sleep(Not released yet), kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts 359 days over 2 and kingdom hearts coded, not including the three remakes, KH+FM, KHII+FM and KH Re:Chain of Memories.

What year did Kingdom Hearts 2 come out?

The game Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005, the Final Mix for kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2007.

What is the order of the Kingdom Hearts graphic novels?

Kingdom Hearts graphic novels by Shiro Amano:Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (unreleased)

New kingdom heart games?

well all the games are kingdom hearts,kingdom hearts chain of memories,kingdom hearts re:chain of memories,kingdom hearts 2,kingdom hearts 2 final mix ,kingdom hearts coded ,kingdom hearts 358/2 days,and soon coming kingdom hearts birth by there is 8 total games. bbs comes out September 7th 2010!

What time period does Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days take place in in terms of sequence?

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days takes place as soon as Kingdom Hearts ends. It starts before Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and ends as Kingdom Hearts II starts. Here is a little time line to help you understand:Kingdom Hearts endsKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days startsKingdom Hearts Chain of Memories startsKingdom Hearts Chain of Memories endsKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days endsKingdom Hearts II starts