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Kyogre Pokemon ruby?

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This legendary Pokemon can only be acquired on Ruby Version through trade from Sapphire Version or Emerald Version.

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What is the cheat to get kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no cheat to obtain Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby. To obtain Kyogre and Pokemon Ruby, one must trade with a trainer that has obtained Kyogre in Pokemon Sapphire or Emerald.

Were do you find the Pokemon kioger in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't get Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby but you can get Kyogre in Pokemon emerald and sapphire and in ruby you only get groudon and rayquaza. In sapphire you get Kyogre and rayquaza and in emerald you can get groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.

Where is kyogre on Pokemon Ruby?

Kyogre is available in Emerald and Sapphire but not in Ruby.

Where to find kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

you don't get kyogre in Pokemon ruby you can only get him through trade

Where do you find the legendary Pokemon Kyogre in pokemon ruby?

You can not obtain Kyogre in Ruby version. You have to trade it from Sapphire.

How do you catch ktogre on Pokemon Ruby?

u don't there is no kyogre in ruby.u don't Pokemon ruby absolutley hase no kyogre u have to trade with Sapphire or emerald to get kyogre.

How do you find kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

there is not any kyogre in ruby. there is only groudon! kyogre is only in sapphire and emerald.

What city is Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no city called Kyogre he is a legendarie pokemon.

Where do you get kyogre in ruby?

Trade it from Sapphire.You can't find Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby. But, you can trade from someone in Pokemon Sapphire or Emerald.

How can you get kyogre in ruby?

You cannot catch Kyogre in Ruby, but it can be traded via the link cable. Kyogre was the legendary Pokemon in Sapphire.

Can you catch kyogre in Pokemon ruby?

No Kyogre cannot be caught on Pokémon Ruby, unless you cheat.

How do you catch kyogre on Pokemon Ruby?

You can't kyogre is specific to Sapphire and groundon is specific to ruby

Where is the location of Kyogre in ruby version?

Kyogre is not in Pokemon ruby you need to trade it from sapphire or emerald

What rare Pokemon are in Pokemon Ruby?

groudon,kyogre and rayquaza groudon,kyogre and rayquaza

When does Kyogre awake in Pokemon ruby?

You don't encounter Kyorge in Pokemon Ruby.

How do you get Kyogre in ruby?

I don't know. But, In Pokemon Ruby... I think there's only groudon... Not kyogre. So no way to get kyogre in Ruby. But, I think If legendary pokemon can be trade. You should trade from your save on Pokemon Sapphire or Pokemon Emerald. Hope this help... ~AquaBlitz11

How do you get kyroge in Pokemon Ruby?

Kyogre Is Not Avalible In Pokemon Ruby. Just In Pokemon Sapphire/Emerald

Where do you go to get Kyogre in Pokemon ruby?

You don't get Kyogre in Ruby; instead, you get Groudon. If you want Kyogre, you have to trade one from a Sapphire or Emerald game.

Where do you find kyogrein Pokemon ruby?

if you mean kyogre then you cant catch kyogre in ruby (sapphire and emerald only)

Where do you see Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot see Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby because it's a version exclusive to Sapphire and can be found in Emerald also.

Where to catch Kyogre in Pokemon rubby?

Kyogre is not able to be caught in Ruby Version.

Can you catch kyogre in Pokemon Omega Ruby?

No, you catch Groudon as the primary legendary in Omega Ruby. You'll have to trade to get Kyogre.

How do you get kyogre in Pokemon XD?

trade one in from Pokemon Ruby/Emerald

What is the Pokemon 198 in Pokemon Ruby?

Kyogre, you can get it from a trade or from Sapphire or Emerald.

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