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La respuesta es sí.

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Q: La ley de consentimiento implícito indica que un conductor está de acuerdo en tomar una prueba de alcohol en la sangre?
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Is alcohol a conductor or insulator of electricity?


Which is a better conductor of heat iron or alcohol?

Iron is good conductor

Is it alcohol a good conductor of heat?

Alcohol is not a good conduct of heat it could start a fire

Is iodine an electrical conductor?

Iodine, either in its solid state or dissolved in alcohol, is not a conductor of electricity.

What is the best conductor of heat in liquid among mercury alcohol and oil?


Can oil and alcohol conductors of electricity?

Everything is a conductor of electricity at a high enough voltage. Oil and alcohol aren't particularly good conductors, though.

Is alcohol a good or bad conductor of electricity?

Depending on which type of alcohol it is, does the conductivity depend on. Generally alcohols are not electrical conductors. Methanol and ethanol are dielectrics.

What causes electrical connections to explode?

Various flammable gasses, flammable liquids, and combustible dusts can ALL explode when mixed with sufficent air, and an electrical spark creates enough heat to ignite the mixture. Examples would include hydrogen, propane, gasoline, alcohol, powdered sugar and flour.

Is polyvinyl alcohol really alcohol?

It is an alcohol. But the only alcohol that is in beverages is ethyl alcohol.

Is ethanol commonly called grain alcohol?

Called Grain Alcohol, drinking alcohol, ethyl alcohol or pure alcohol

What is the alcohol content of ctearyl alcohol?

It is all alcohol. That is the name of a type of alcohol. It is a fatty/waxy alcohol (-OH group)

CH3CH2OH is an alcohol what alcohol?

Ethyl alcohol or ethanol.