Laura Ingalls Wilder who influened her?

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her daughter Rose encouraged her to write
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Where is Laura Ingalls Wilder buried?

Laura was buried in the Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Wright County. This is the town near which Laura and Almanzo lived at Rocky Ridge Farm.

Why Is Laura Ingalls Wilder Important?

Laura opened new eyes to what life was really like on the Western Frontier. She gave many instances and descriptions from her own life that related to not only hers, but the l

Where did Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Laura ingalls wilder is a famous author born on Feb 7 1867 she died on Feb 10 1957 she died in her sleep of serve diabetes old age and a heart attack

What challenges Did Laura Ingalls Wilder Have?

She faced many challenges in her life. First, when she was a child she suffered from malnutrition during the "Long Winter." Also her younger brother Charles JR died. Mary went

Pictures of Laura Ingalls Wilder?

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What are characteristics of Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Laura had many positive traits. A few examples are, Determination, when she was learning to read she had to determined because she wanted to quit school. and look she became a

Who were Laura Ingalls Wilders enemies?

In the books, Laura's recurrent "enemy" is a girl named Nellie Oleson. In her real life, "Nellie Oleson" was a composite of three different girls Laura knew at one time or ano
In Laura Ingalls Wilder

When was Laura Ingalls Wilder birth?

Sarah Ingalls Wilder's birth is on Febuary, 7, 1867. Her birthplace is Pepin Country, Wisconsin. Mrs.Wilder's death is on Febuary, 10, 1957, when she was 90 years old. She wri