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Odin is generally considered to be the leader of the Norse gods.

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Who is the leader of Norse gods?

Odin is generally considered to be the leader of the Norse gods.

Who is the Norse leader of the gods?


Who was the leader of the Norse gods?


Who was the leader of Norse gods?

Odin, also called Woden or Wotan

Why was Wednesday named Wednesday?

Because of Woden, aka Odin, the leader of the Norse Gods.Wednesday is a corruption of "Woden's Day".Wednesday through Friday are named for Norse Gods.

Who is the Norse god?

The Norse had many gods in their religion. Thor and Odin were major gods for the Norse.

Are viking gods Norse gods?

Yes, the Vikings were the Norse "pirates".

Who was a leader of Norse gods?

if my memory serves right (which it might not) it is Odin nors god of wisdom

What is the general name for the Norse gods?

Norse gods were broken in to Aesir or Vaenir.

Race of Norse gods?

There were two races of gods in Norse mythology: Aesir and Vanir.

Does Woden king of the Norse gods mean?

That Woden (Odin) was king of the Norse gods.

What is the abode of the Norse Mythology Gods?

Asgard is usually considered the main abode of the Norse gods.

What gods did vikings worship?

Norse gods

What is a native of the Norse gods?

Some Norse gods were Odin, the chief god and Thor the god of thunder.

What is the religion called that believes in the Norse gods?

Norse paganism.

What is the race of the Norse gods?

If by "Race" you mean skin colour; the Norse gods were caucasian. There were no dark skinned peoples living in Scandinavia at the time. Otherwise, the Norse gods, as a race were called the Aesir.

How did the Norse gods fall?

The Norse gods fell due to Ragnarok which was a series of events sending in a giant battle in which the major gods were killed.

What group of gods are the days of the week named?

The days of the week are in part named after Norse gods (and also after the sun and the moon, which are not Norse gods).

Who were the enemies of the Norse gods?

Norse mythology is quite complicated, but the main enemies of the Norse gods were the Frost Giants. There is also one Norse god named Loki who was working against the interests of the other gods; probably he was the single greatest threat.

How many Norse gods are there?

There are many Norse gods. Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya, Frey, and Ullr are some.

Norse Mythology what is the terminology for doom of the gods?

Ragnarok is the Norse term for the doom of the gods and the end of the world as we know it.

What did the golden apples of idunn grant the Norse gods?

We believe that these golden apples granted the Norse gods youth.

Where can one find a list of the Norse Gods?

The Norse Gods has a website! Wikipedia also contains results pertaining to The Norse Gods. Your local library may have books related to the topic available for checkout.

Where the Norse gods believed to be immortal?

No the Norse gods could die, unlike the Greek gods. During Ragnarok (norse end of world) Odin and Thor both dies. Manny more deaths of gods have been told of in the myths.

Chief Norse god?

Odin was father and ruler of the Norse gods.

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