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Yes, they are very commonly used. Centred text is common too, but the least used would be the right alignment.

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Q: Left-aligned and justified are two most commonly used text alignments in documents?
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What do you call the links between the pages or other websites in HTML?

Links in HTML documents are called references. They are commonly known as href's, or HyperText References.

What is the difference between Center text and justified text?

There are four types of alignment for word processing: Left, Center, Right, and Justify.Left alignment, means that the beginning of the line is at the left margin but the end of the line is at the end of last word that fits on the line and that can leave some blank space at the end of the line.Right alignment does just the opposite in that it has the last letter of the line at the right margin but the first letter of the line is wherever it ends up based on the words that fit on the line.Center alignment means that the words for that line are centered with whitespace potentially on both ends and in equal amount.Justified alignment means that there is no whitespace at either end of the line and that the extra space is consumed between each of the words on the line with an extra space here or there as needed.Justified alignment is quite often used in newspapers, magazines, and novels while Left alignment is used in more formal documents such as business letters and resumes. Right alignment is most commonly used in financial reportts and in documents written in languages that are read from right to left instead of left to right. Center alignment is used for titles of papers or manuscripts, to offset a certain line so as to have extra attention called to it, and very frequently in advertising pamphlets.

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What are the two commonly used alignments?

Left aligned and justified are commonly used, with centre alignment quite common, and right justified being the least used.

What are the most commonly used alignments in Microsoft word?

full and center

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Insert now

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Latex is a type-setting system commonly used for scientific and mathematical documents. It allows users to create professional-looking documents with complex equations and formatting.

What is word perfect used for?

WordPerfect is a word processing software used for creating, editing, formatting, and printing documents. It is commonly used for legal and professional documents due to its advanced formatting capabilities and compatibility with legal citation formats.