Legal separation in Florida?

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What is a legal separation?

A legal separation is filed through a court action. You need to check the rules in your jurisdiction. However, even if you are legally separated you are still legally married

Is it legally cheating if you are legally separated?

First, "cheating" is not a legal term. It is slang that refers to a married person being unfaithful to their legal spouse or partner. A legal separation is not a legal divorce

What are legal separations?

Legal separations are the step right before divorce. Most couplesdo not choose to legally separate but rather just get divorced.

How long do you have to be separated to divorce in Florida?

You can be separated one day and file for a divorce in Florida. Florida is a No-Fault state which means you can file for divorce at any time for any reason and the other perso

Is there legal separation in Florida?

Florida does not directly address legal separation, but does have provisions concerning spousal and child support, custody, and visitation. Except when relief is afforded by s
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What legal responsibilities do you have to your exwife if you are legally separated?

Your question is contradictory. If you are legally separated then you are still legally married. In that case your wife is not your ex-wife, she is still your wife. If you
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What are the legal rights of a woman after a legal separation?

First, it depends on whether legal separation is allowed in your jurisdiction. If so, the terms of the separation are set forth in the agreement. Both parties remain married t