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Life in the middle colonies?

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Life in the middle colonies could get difficult at times. People living in these colonies often worked as farmers or in manufacturing. Summers brought about hard work and challenging terrains. Winters mean bitter cold weather and illnesses.

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the middle colonies propietors did not care what religion you are, as long as you paid for your land. the souther colonies

The daily life in the Middle colonies is farming, planting, cooking, making clothing, cleaning, and feeding the animals.

The colonies were separated into the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

The Middle Colonies had more farms and grew lots of wheat, corn, and rye.

-how did the middle colonies make money?by life stock,grains,and farming... theres more but this is the basics

Both woman and men in the middle colonies had plantations that enslaved Africans worked on.

Daily life in the Middle Colonies was not very fun for people. Mostly Men and Women worked, also children worked if they are old enough.

The middle colonies had a great social life. They could communicate much more easily with each other than those to the north or south could.

Life in the middle colonies was more strict than most societies are used to today. This occurred because of the strong religious sentiments that were still prevalent at this time.

Yes, the middle colonies are proprietary colonies.

The family life in these colonies was similar to what was found in other colonies. The family worked on farms, had children to help out, and made what they needed to survive.

The middle colonies were more comfortable because the weather in new England was very brutal, but the middle colonies presented a suitable lifestyle, and good weather basically

well, the middle colonies were called the "bread basket colonies." so, I'm guessing they ate a lot of bread, and grew corn, wheat and rye

they wanted a better life for family and start a new life

Because it was in the middle of all the other colonies.

Yes - All of the middle colonies were royal colonies.

The middle colonies were known for being in the middle

nickname of the middle colonies

The middle colonies had diseases

is Philedelphia in the middle colonies

Yes, it is in the middle colonies.

No,the Middle colonies are only a part!!!!!!!!!