Lighting occurs when?

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During a storm or Thunder Storm or is it the same?

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Q: Lighting occurs when?
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How lighting occurs?

how lighting occurs

When does lightning occurs?

lighting occurs when two clouds crash each other.

What is the sound that occurs as air expands rapidly when lighting strikes?


The trickiest and most difficult lighting occurs at what time while driving?


What do thunder and lighting have in common?

Thunder and lighting are both products of a thunderstorm. Lighting is a static discharge that usually occurs during a thunderstorm (though it can also occur in some volcanic eruptions) and thunder is the shockwave produced by lightning.

Significance of Candle lighting Ceremony in JS PROM?

A candle lighting ceremony occurs every year at the JS prom. The significance of this is that it symbolizes the handing over of responsibility from the seniors to the juniors.

When a cold front meets a warm front?

when a cold front and a warm front meet, a tunder\ lighting storm occurs.

How do wildfires start without human error?

If it is not started by human error or neglect then it usually occurs from lighting, or mother natures caused.

Is a late afternoon calmness and a yellow sky a good sign that there will be a tornado?

No. Strange lighting is not uncommon if a thunderstorm occurs around sunset.

What types of lighting will obscure texture in bright areas A.side lighting B.edge lighting C.back lighting D.oblique lighting?

a. side lighting

How can thunder occur without lightning?

most likely there is lighting from a further away storm and that's why the thunder occurs other wise i don't know

How many seconds does it take to hear the thunder after the lighting occurs?

It depends on how far the storm is from you. Every five seconds means about 1 mile away.

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