Lil durk he is crip or blood now?

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Kanefu Kalamba

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2022-01-20 01:56:49

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Lil durk he is crip or blood

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Kanefu Kalamba

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2022-01-20 01:57:27
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Q: Lil durk he is crip or blood now?
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Is Lil Wayne a Crip?

If lil was a crip then u cant 6e a 6lood if u do, do that u can get killed

What gang is lil twist in?

Well Lil Twist Use To Be a Blood and now a Crip so i guess Hes a Blood again With Lil Wayne if Your Crip Puccie azz Nikka Sukk DiKK

Lil bing killed who?

Lil Bing is in jail for killing the guy the killed the top Crip Cratle witch was Lil Bings uncle so now Bing Is in there for life.

Is lil fizz bi?

I doubt it, due to the fact that Lil Fizz has been in the Crip gang for years now, and the Crip doesn't allow members who aren't straight, cause is aginst gang code, therefore if Lil Fizz was(I aint saying he is)but if he was then he'd get violated aka he would get killed by his Crip set for breaking gang terms.

Ciara crip or blood?

she used to a jet and then turned into a newsie. But now she kicks it with her homies the pink ladies.

Is Lil Wayne in any ganges now?

The Main Two, He's A Blood &&Is In Eastside. (:

Is ben j from new boyz a blood or a crip?


Is Lil Wayne a fake Blood?

Yes he is a fake because he has the tear tattoo on the left like a crip a blood would have it on the right like The Game. He also wears his red bandana on the left a blood would have it on the right side. Also when he first started rapping he always wore a blue bandana and now he says he is a blood just because he is wearing a red bandana. So yes he is a fake.

Who is Lil Twist to Lil Wayne?

Lil Twist is just a really good friend of Lil Wayne they are now related in any kind of way.They see each other as brothers but yeah, they're not related through blood or family.

Where does lil romeo lives now?

each live lil rome now?

Is bow wow a blood?

he used to crip walk, now he wears red and Boston red sox sh!t. translation: he's studio gangsta, doesn't bang sh!t

Where is lil wane right now?

His name is lil WAYNE and he is in jail right now...

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