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the number in box 24E that points to the one of four diagnoses codes in box 21 that supports the service

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Q: Linking of ICD-9 Codes and CPT codes refers to?
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How often do you update icd9 codes?


What is the codes for intractable vomiting?

what is the icd9 code for intactable vomiting

What is the icd9 codes for physican performs the injection procedure for the lymphangiography?


In the Healthcare industry what are ICD9 codes?

ICD-9 (Inernational Classification of Diseases) codes in the healthcare industry are used to categorize different diseases and medical conditions. The codes are standardized and used worldwide.

What is ICD9 Diagnosis?

Icd 9 is the list of codes that doctors use to diagnois pt. just like the CPT codes are used for the procedures that docs do

What does NES mean on icd9 codes?

non specific - not caused by any specific disease

What does icd9 code 599.72 mean?

ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 599.72 is for Microscopic hematuria. (hematuria = blood in the urine)

What is the cpt codes Surgical sinus endoscopy with sphenoidotomy for acute sphenoidal sinusitis?

Cpt -31287 icd9- 461.3

What is the cpt code for cervical dystonia?

CPT codes is the procedures codes done for the diagnosis. Here the diagnosis is cervical dystonia, so in order to find out diagnosis code you would have to look in the ICD9 codes book because it is diagnosis codes. Look up specific treatment for the cervical dystonia and then you can find the procedure in the CPT book.

What is the procedure code for trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is a condition, and doesn't have a procedure code, but a diagnosis code. The ICD9 codes for trich start with 131.

Which organization maintains the icd-9-cm codes?

The ICD9-CM is based on the official version of the Work Health Organization's of ICD9. The U.S Department of Health and Human services maintains the official version for the US.

What are the medical billing codes?

I wish I could more specifically answer your question but I cant without knowing what you are trying to code. Medical claims are billed with CPT codes which are either ICD9 or HCPCS codes. Depending on the type of claim you are filing it could be either... or both. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Evan