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Subsistence Farming: This type of farming is practiced in rural areas, and the main goal is to provide food for the farmer's family and local community.

Commercial Farming: This type of farming is focused on producing crops and livestock for sale on the market. It is typically large-scale and involves the use of modern technology and equipment.

Intensive Farming: This type of farming is characterized by high inputs of labor, capital, and technology. The goal is to maximize production and efficiency while minimizing land usage.

Agricultural Mixed Farming: This type of farming combines elements of both subsistence and commercial farming, with the goal of producing both food for the farmer's family and crops or livestock for sale. This type of farming is often practiced in areas where land is scarce and resources are limited.

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farming methods that has been used since earlier times. ...

Crop rotation. ...

Intercropping/Mixed crops. ...

Poly culture. ...

Water harvesting.

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Q: List out any 4 types of conventional farming?
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