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Q: List several metals in the order of their electrical conductivity?
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The electrical conductivity of metals which is expressed in ohm 1 m 1 is of the order of?


Which metal has high electric conductivity?

All metals have high electrical conductivity, although some are more conductive than others. The best three conductors in order are silver, copper, aluminum.

The electrical conductivity of metals which is expressed in ohm-1 m-1 is of the order of?

In the range of 1 x 10^7 1/ohm-m . That's one times ten to the seventh power.

What is doping process?

It is the addition of impurities to a semi-conductor in order improve their electrical conductivity.

Why are metals like copper or iron used in electrical wiring?

Metals are good conductor of electricity. Gold, silver, Copper, aluminum or brass in that order.

Any of several soft metal alloys used to line bearings and bushings in order to reduce friction?

Babbitt Metals

What does a circuit need in order for electrons to flow?

Voltage and conductivity.

Do metals gain electrons in order to react?

Oh no! Metals LOSE electrons in order to react.

Which material is the best conductor of electricity?

A superconductor, which has zero electrical resistance. Several materials have been found to have this property; so far, only at cryogenic (i.e., "supercold") temperatures. At room temperature, the best known conductor of electricity is silver, followed (in order) by copper, gold, aluminum, calcium, tungsten, other metals, etc.

Which factor do oceanographers measure in order to determine the salinity of ocean water?

The conductivity of the water

What is the old name for Siemens the unit for electrical conductivity?

Old units for electrical conductivity (EC)SI units of electric resistance and electric conductance are ohm (Ω) and siemens (Si). The unit mho ("ohm" in reverse order) for conductance should no longer be used (1 mho = 1 Si). abohm and abmho are older units from the centimetre-gram-second electromagnetic system. statohm and statmho are from the centimetre-gram-second electrostatic system.see also this forum question is about conductivity, not, as the above answer, conductance. The siemens in the unit of measurement for conductance, whereas the siemens per metre is the unit for conductivity.

What materials are high in thermal conductivity?

Allotropes of Carbon are high in thermal conductivity - followed by metals like silver, copper and aluminum, in that order.I suppose it would help put this in perspective by pointing out that engineered conducting structures such as heat pipes, and convection of fluids (liquid, gas, plasma and suspended solid particles) can transport heat much better than any solid.

What is the electrical conductivity of n-type silicon and graphite?

What's the silicon doped with? Antimony? Arsenic? Phosphrus? And, much more importantly, how heavily is the silicon doped? Are there 1020 electrons per meter-3 or is 1025 electrons per meter-3 more the order of the day? Graphite is used as a conductor in some electrochemical cells. Processed and compressed graphite is used as brush material in electric motors. Without more information, the best answer that can be offered is a bit general. What is the electrical conductivity of n-type silicon graphite? Pretty good.

What will happen when doped semiconductor is heated will its conductivity increase or decrease?

Doping a semiconductor means to introduce impurities to the semiconductor in order to alter it. For the most part, doping a semiconductor increases its conductivity.

What is the main function of an insulator?

There are many types of insulators, for example heat insulators, water insulators (also called hydrophobic insulators) and current insulators. The role of an insulator is to avoid passage of something from a system to another. For example, a current insulator is placed in between two parts of an electrical systems in order to avoid they influence each other through current losses or an heat insulator is placed on the wall of an house to avoid that the internal heat is dissipated towards the external environment. To find good heat insulators is difficult. If we define the heat conductivity k like the heat transmitted for unitary temperature difference through a unit area and unit length of the insulation material, lower the conductivity better the insulation. The better insulators (silica aerogel) have an heat conductivity of about 0.001 in SI units (J m /°K). On the contrary very good electrical insulation can be attained, one of the better electrical insulators is Teflon, whose electrical conductivity (current per unit voltage on unit area and unit length) is as low as 10-23 A m/V. Regarding insulation from material infiltrations, (for example water insulators that are used to avoid humidity to penetrate inside a room) the conductivity is defined as transmitted quantity of water per unit concentration difference between the two sides of the insulator per unit area and unit length. Lower the conductivity higher teh insulation.

How first order and second order diff equations are helpful in process of electrical networks?

How first order and 2nd order diff equations are helpful in process of electrical networks?

Which choice has the element groups in the order from left to right on the periodic table?

Alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals

Which choice has the element groups in the correct order from left to right on the periodic table?

Alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals

Which are the other metals which are used as wires and why?

The two most common metals in order of preference are copper and aluminium.

What is meant by reactivty series of metals?

Reactivity series is a list of metals arranged in the order of their decreasing activities.

How is the reactivity of metals related to the periodic table?

Reactivity of metals describe the order of sequence of metals depending on reactivity. Potassium is at the top of reactivity series.

Why is platinum the most ductile of all the metals?

Platinum is not the most ductile of the metals. Gold is the metal that is most ductile of the metals. In order of most ductile metals, the top three on the list are gold, silver, and platinum.

What kind of education does one need for a career as an electrical engineer?

You need several qualifications to be an electrical engineer. It would be beneficial to gain a specific degree in that field. Many companies offer training in the field. Most require you to have at least the basic high school grades in order to even start degree courses.

Which state is more conducting plasma or solids?

Plasma contains a large number of free charges and frequently current propagates due to collective charged particle excitations. For many purposes the conductivity of plasma can be considered almost infinite. If an exact number is needed, it greatly depends on the type of plasma. Artificial low temperature (in the Plasma sense :-) ) plasma can reach a conductivity as high as 1020 (A m/V). The most conductive solids are a few metals (copper, silver and gold for example) whose conductivity is of the order of 107 (A m/V) at room temperature (25 °C). Thus it is much lower (13 orders of magnitude!) with respect to plasma conductivity. However it is too consider that if an high voltage is applied to artificial plasma to obtain an high current, the plasma can become unstable, exiting more complex effects with respect to pure current flow. In this case to talk of conductivity becomes difficult.

Silver is the best electrical conductor but why do some people say Platinum is?

Because they don't know any better. (Plantinum's conductivity is 9,661,000 /ohm.m , Silver's is 63,010,000 /ohm.m ) This would actually be expressed in Siemens. Ohm is a measure of resistance not conductivity. The numbers may be correct however. I haven't done the math. The most conductive of all metals are silver, copper and gold in that order. Silver is also the most thermally conductive element, and the most light reflecting element. Silver also has the unusual property that the tarnish that forms on silver is still highly electrically conductive. Platinum has a much higher melting point than silver and gold ...etc so in some applications, while it is not as good of a conductor, it is the only one that can be used.