History of the United States
Decade - 1950s

List 2 ways the economy grew during the 1950's for the US?

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when people started to kill horses and sell there guts!

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What industry grew most rapidly during the 1950s?

service -nova net

Which industry grew most rapidly during the 1950s?


During the Civil War the northern economy?

grew and prospered

What materials were popular for costume jewelry in the 1950s?

The popularity of ornate gilt pieces and the continued use of crystal, jet, and inexpensive stones grew during the 1950s.

How did the U.S. government change during the war?

It grew and heavily controlled the economy.

Summarize which parts of the economy grew during the 1990s and which declined?

phuckin putos, answer the question

How did the US government change during World War 1?

it grew and heavily controlled the economy

How did us government change during world war one?

it grew and heavily controlled the economy

What sector of the US economy grew most during the 1980s and 1990s?

Services(tertiary sector)

How did the southern economy differ from the southern economy?

they differed by the south relied on indentured servents during that time and grew crops such as tobacco and rice

What happened to the middle class in the 1950s?

The middle class grew

Which sector of American society grew the least in the 1950s?


What are reasons why Egypt grew during the Middle Kingdom?

As transportation improved, there were more trade routes along the Nile and trade grew and also as trade grew, Egypt's economy became more prosperous.

Which is better the American economy or the Mexican economy?

As of 2011 the American economy is better than the Mexican economy. However.... The Mexican Economy has the potential to surpass the American economy. In 2010: the American Economy grew: 2.9% the Mexican Economy grew: 5.3%

What was the economy like for the US during the Civil War?

Like most economies during times of Civil War the United States economy collapsed tremendously, but re-grew after when the Industrial Revolution began.

Latin America best growing economy?

Paraguay qualifies as such. During 2013, its economy grew by 12%. Panama would follow, with a growth of 7.5%. Finally on third place, Bolivia would also be a major growing economy during that year, by 6.8%

The programs that grew in response to the decay of central cities in the 1950s?

urban renewal

What program grew in response to the decay of central cities in the 1950s?

urban renewal

Is the Mexican economy growing?

Yes. In 2010 the Mexican Economy Grew 5.3%

When did the prefabricated building industry start to grow?

The fledgling prefab industry grew during the post-World War II economic boom. As the economy and population grew, housing starts soared.

Why economy grew in Georgia in 1700s?

for the dedt?

Which statement is true about people who grew up in the 1950s compared to those who grew up in the 1960s?

. fighting communism was a good way to get elected.

What cash crop grew in middle colonies?

Tobacco. During early colonial times that crop supported most of the economy in the middle colonies.

How did the ranchers help California's economy?

They grew crops.

Why do you think Germany's economy grew so quickly in the years after unification?

Germany's economy grew quickly because after unification Germany focused on concentrated on industrial production for its country.