List and explain the enemies of coffee?

An Outstanding Cup of Coffee can be had if you take care to avoid these enemies from breaking down the coffee beans before you brew your coffee.

There are three main "enemies of coffee":

1. Heat and Light - the heat and radiation causes the molecules responsible for flavor to break down.

2. Water - water is of course the 'universal solvent" and has a corrosive effect on the coffee beans.

3. Oxgen - Oxygen is the worst offender. Coffee Beans exposed to the air dry out quickly (as quickly as 20 minutes) and cause your cup of coffee to be bland and stale.

Strategies to Improve Your Coffee:

  • Don't grind your coffee beans until just before you brew. The less time exposed to air, the better.
  • Use a Burr Grinder instead of a Blade Grinder
  • Keep Coffee in sealed bag or vacuum sealed container

I hope this helps!