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accredited engineering schools

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Q: List of ABET accredited schools in the US?
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Is there a list of accredited colleges?

There is. The US Department of Education maintains a database of accredited schools here:

List of Nursing schools in California.? is a top site for information and reviews about online and campus-based accredited nursing schools in California

What is the oldest engineering college in the US?

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) -- "The oldest technological university in the English-speaking world". Founded primarily as an engineering school in 1824, RPI has been granting official engineering degrees ever since. Rensselaer's original engineering programs have been "ABET accredited" continually, since ABET was formed in 1936. Harvard has only one ABET accredited engineering program and it was wasn't officially accepted by ABET until 1962. West Point's engineering degrees, although old, were NOT officially accepted or accredited by ABET until 1985.

How many pharmacy schools are there in the US?

100 accredited in the US as of 2008. There are about 130 medical schools and only 58 dental schools.

How many medical schools are there in the US?

There are currently 30 accredited MD-granting and 28 accredited DO-granting medical schools the United States.

Is Ateneo de Manila University an ABA accredited law school?

ABA accredited law schools are only located in the US.

Where can I find a list of accredited colleges?

The best site is US news. They provide not only a list of accredited colleges but also their rankings. Start there and if it is not enough, there are books.

Where do you train to become a vet?

At any of the 28 accredited schools of veterinary medicine in the US.

Are schools outside the us or not funded by the us accredited by the us dept of education?

I've heard that they are not, Cambridge University (the oldest school in Britan) is one of these schools, are these things true?

Are they any Us accredited colleges and universities in the Philippines?

There is and that is Silliman University. The University has been in the list of US Veterans as an accredited university in the Philippines. [Source:]

What schools would a veterinarian technician attend?

Veterinary technicians in the US are generally required to complete an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited program in veterinary technology. A complete list of accredited programs can be found on the AVMA website under the "education" tab.

What school teach veterinary technician?

There are more than 200 schools in the US that offer American Veterinary Medical Assoc. accredited veterinary technology programs. There are, of course, programs that are not AVMA accredited, however they will not meet the requirements for being credentialed as a veterinary technician so selecting from the list of AVMA accredited programs is important. To find an up to date list of AVMA accredited programs, go to the AVMA website and look under "education".

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